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Last update: Monday 11 August 2008

About this site - By Linh Vu

The idea of wuxiapedia started from the complaints of some members on the Wuxia Fiction forum in early 2004 that very informative posts often got lost over time or deleted due to lack of space. I felt that the knowledge of wuxia fiction members should be preserved and since there hasn't been any site on wuxia knowledge in English yet, I might as well start one. It is also inspired by a thread started by Ken Cheng in which he suggests that:

"Jin Yong's novels are populated with hundreds of different characters, martial arts techniques, martial arts schools and associations, weapons, poisons, geographical locations, etc. What nobody has undertaken, however, is to compile an index of these various items...including origin, history, and significance to Jin Yong's stories. Perhaps this is something we can all pool our knowledge on, and compile for all Jin Yong fans. If successful, we could consider expanding this project for Gu Long, Leung Yu Sung, and other prominent wuxia writers."

Wuxiapedia aims to be a knowledge base of this genre by providing the database and tools for fans to contribute and share their knowledge and passion of fictions, adaptations and related topics to wuxia. Although the targetted audience is everyone interested in wuxia, this site specifically caters for those who cannot read the original materials in Asian languages (Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc.) such as Asian expatriates or others who are interested in Asian literature and cultures. As such, the site's articles will be in English only, but certain things like people, locations or martial arts will also contain their names in selective Asian languages to help the readers, many of whom have grown up with those as household names, follow the materials more easily.

Such a project would need as much help and support as possible from wuxia fans. It will take some time and work to build a significant knowledge base and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed or will be contributing to this team effort, as well as the readers, whose feedbacks will be invaluable. Personally, this is basically just a hobby for me and I have other tasks to dedicate my time to, but what a Viet translator of Jin Yong novels has written at the start of his first work (and then he went on to complete many more tranlations and research papers) will always inspire me: "for our generations to have fun discussing wuxia topics just like our forefathers with Romance of The Three Kingdoms, The Water Margin..." That and the fact that I have made so many friends through wuxia whom I have very much enjoyed talking to, although we haven't even met.

May the wuxia spirit live on.

May 2005, in a browser not too far away,
Linh Vu