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Last update: Friday 15 December 2006

The Wuxiapedia team

Linh Vu ( Web Master )

Darth Howardious

Linh Vu is the web developer and designer of wuxiapedia.com. He's also in charge of boring web admin duties and helps others with publishing and editing content.

Contact information

Email: linhgb@wuxiapedia.com

Yushi Huang ( Senior Editor + Translator )


Yushi Huang, who is better known by the initials HYS, has often been mistaken for the Master of Peach Blossom Island from Eagle-Shooting Hero. Besides working on the novels below,

... HYS also writes and edits articles on a range of wuxia topics, such as:

Beyond the realm of wuxia, HYS is a early childhood researcher/educator who regularly uses wuxia excerpts and stories to make learning more interesting for children aged 6 years and below.

Contact information

Email: huangyushi.hys@gmail.com
Blog: http://hysbht.blogspot.com

Yu Ruan ( Senior Editor )

The guy who uploaded some of the translations here.

Contact information

Email: nilaoh@yahoo.com