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Last update: Thursday 10 November 2005

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Wuxiapedia URLs

The URLs registered for wuxiapedia are wuxiapedia.com, wuxiapedia.net and wuxiapedia.info.  Wuxiapedia.org is managed by another person and is not affiliated with us.

2. Wuxiapedia discussion forum

We, the fellows who run wuxiapedia, are frequent members of the Spcnet Wuxia discussion forum. If you are interested in discussing wuxia topics with us, check it out!

Spcnet Wuxia Fiction forum

3. Advantages of being a registered member

Registration is free, and as a registered member, you have access to the followings:

  • Articles under section Characters (character biographies written by our translators)
  • Articles under section Research (papers on wuxia-related topics, such as history, societies, religions, the arts etc.)
  • A customised print stylesheet for those who wish to print the articles or translations on the site, with redundant menus, toolbars and background pictures removed.
  • Access to Wuxiapedia news feed (RSS 2.0) which notifies you of site updates.
  • More coming soon!

4. PDF generation - gone?

Wuxiapedia used to have a "Download a PDF version" link under every article or translation for members. However, the implementation of this feature is not up to scratch and eats up a lot of disk space and processing time, as well as causing a few problems, so we have decided to remove it for now.

5. When will novel X / book Y of novel X be translated?

Translating novels is a hobby of our translators and we all want to complete as many chapters or novels as possible, which is our goal for wuxiapedia. However, it is a lot of work and we sometimes are very busy with our lives, so some translations may be delayed until further notice. Still, if you really, really want something, it's best to send a request (with lots of hand-kissing, compliments, virtual chocolates and flowers) to the translators and they may do something about it. :-)