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Last update: Tuesday 13 June 2006

Information about wuxia authors, including biographies and chronological lists of works.

Jin Yong

Last update: Saturday 17 September 2005

Jin Yong portrait

Jin Yong

  • Real name: Louis Cha (aka Tra Luong Dung)
  • Born: June 06, 1924
  • Pen-name: Jin Yong (aka Kam Yung, Kim Dung)


The greatest wuxia writer and one of the most influential Chinese-language novelists.

Gu Long

Last update: Tuesday 13 June 2006


The flying dagger of Little Li has become a lost art,
The human world has lost sight of Chu Liuxiang!

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Liang Yusheng

Last update: Monday 30 May 2005