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Last update: Monday 30 April 2007

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Update: This issue has been resolved.

We are having some issues with sending email and as a result, you may not receive a confirmation email after registration. Don't worry, the accounts do get through and we do get notified, so just try logging in. :-) If you need any help, please use the Contact form to reach us.

Server migration complete

The server migration for Wuxiapedia has been done. The cache is still being regenerated but even so, the performance is much better than before, as expected. There are still a few minor things to be done, so if you encounter any error, please use the Contact form to notify us. Thanks.

Chapters 22 and 23 of Bordertown Wanderer

Catch the action in Bordertown Wanderer before the server migration exercise begins. Here are Chapter 22 and Chapter 23!

Server migration

This Saturday March 04 (Australian EDST), I will be migrating Wuxiapedia to a new and much better server. The site will be down for about half a day. There will be a change in DNS so you might experience a longer delay depending on how your ISP handles it (could be between 2 hours and 2 days). Sorry for any inconvenience.

Chapter 21 of Bordertown Wanderer

The mystery deepens in Chapter 21 of Gu Long's Bordertown Wanderer. Read it today!

The Wuxiapedia Gu Long Treasury

Here's your one-stop resource for the well-known wuxia author, Gu Long:

Chapter 11 of Heavenly Sword, Dragon Slaying Sabre

Chapter 11 is now complete!  Here's an excerpt, a rib-tickling gem from the otherwise serious pen of Jin Yong:


After that, [Peng Yingyu] gave Ding Minjun a slash on the shoulder, scaring the woman out of her wits. Unable to fight back because of her injuries, she shouted, "Crooked baldy, do not torture me. Just stab me once and be done with it!"

Peng Yingyu laughed and said, "I do not dare to kill an ugly, yellow-skinned and wide-mouthed woman like you. If I did, you will go to Hell and give the evil ghosts there such a terrible fright that they will all escape into the world of men. You will also scare the King and Judge of Hades so badly that he will erupt in vomit and diarrhoea. Would that not be horrible?" He laughed three times and threw the sword on the ground. Then, he hugged Bai Guishou's body and wailed loudly before walking away.



Changes in Book and Sword 3rd edition

Athena has posted the changes Jin Yong has made to the 3rd edition of "Book and Sword, Gratitude and Revenge", aka Shu Jian En Chou Lu, Thư Kiếm Ân Cừu Lục. Details here.

Bordertown Wanderer Updated!

Chapter 20 of Gu Long's Bordertown Wanderer (a.k.a. Bian Cheng Lang Zi or Bien Thanh Lang Tu) has been added, making the translation about 44% complete.  New comments and reviews from readers have also been added, specially for those who want to get a glimpse of the story before reading.

Happy Lunar New Year!


Chúc mừng năm mới!

Have a great festival, everyone :-)

Chapter 6 of Ode to Gallantry

Yushi has finished Chapter 6 - Scars - of Ode To Gallantry (aka Xia Ke Xing, Hap Hak Hang, Hiep Khach Hanh). Chapter 7 - "The Swordplay Techniques of the Snow Mountain School" - is coming soon.

Legend of the White Hair Demoness

  • Translation for Chapter 14 is uploaded. By Faerie Queene.

Smiling Proud Wanderer translation

I've uploaded the list of main characters for Smiling Proud Wanderer (aka State of Divinity, Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, Tiếu Ngạo Giang Hồ), complete translation for Book 1 , and title pictures and captions for Book 2 , Book 3 and Book 4

Chinese Eunuchs

Eunuchs play a significant part in the world of wuxia, especially in two popular novels by Jin Yong: Smiling Proud Wanderer and The Deer and The Cauldron . In the former, a martial art manual written by an eunuch was the cause of all sorts of plotting, scheming, murders, castrated men and unhappy wives. In the latter, through disguising as an eunuch, a boy raised in a brothel with no education nor martial arts became the emperor's best friend and ran into a series of fortunes that would make every reader jealous.

Han Solo has written an article about the life of enuchs in ancient China, titled "Chinese Enuchs" , and the famous figures of this special society, including the ones that created chaos in various dynasties as well as the ones that contributed to their glories.

Chinese Cultural Potpourri

First of all,


Happy New Year 2006!


Here's a new article on some interesting tid-bits of Chinese culture that may serve as a reference for wuxia readers. The list includesthe strata of society, traditional marriage rites and divorces, devotions and virtues of a traditional Chinese woman, desired stages that a Confucian man aims for, achievements of a learned gentleman, traditional medicine classification, elements, colours, poisons, musical notation, the famous 36 stratagems and a brief compilation of the Chinese dynasties.

New translation of Ode To Gallantry

Yushi Huang has been working on Ode To Gallantry, (also known as Xia Ke Xing, Hap Hak Hang or Hiep Khach Hanh) one of Jin Yong's novels. He's up to Chapter 6 so far (about 25% of the whole novel), while maintaining a Facts and Figures list, which explains wuxia terms and many more to make following the story more easy. Enjoy reading!

Feedback on Jin Yong's "Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain"

I am collecting feedback on the possibility of a new English translation of Jin Yong's "Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain".  All comments and suggestions are welcome, especially from those who have read the official translation by Olivia Mok.  Details here...

Google and Wuxiapedia

Wuxiapedia used to have the built-in search engine which uses up a lot of space in the database. Over the last few months, thanks to the frequent visits of the readers, Google (and other search engines) have cached most (if not all) of our site content. As a result, I've removed the built-in search engine and replaced it with the Google one, slightly customised for Wuxiapedia's look and feel. Theoretically this should improve the site's performance as well as search hits for readers. 

Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils third edition changes

Master Jin Yong finally published the third (and most likely final) edition of his most popular novel, "Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils" (Tian Long Ba Bu / Thien Long Bat Bo) last month. Athena has kindly summarised the changes (from the second edition) for us. Thanks Athena.

Translations of Gu Long novels updated!

Work on these novels is in progress, with frequent and regular updates by the respective translators.