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Last update: Monday 30 April 2007

Here, you can find English translations of wuxia novels by various authors. Browse through the alphabetical list of all available novels in the Index folder, or by the authors' names. Enjoy!


Last update: Monday 30 April 2007

An alphabetical list of all the translated wuxia novels that are currently available on this site.

Jin Yong

Last update: Monday 30 April 2007

book jinyong

Translations of wuxia novels by the author Jin Yong, or Louis Cha, including:

  • The "Condor Hero" Trilogy, featuring the Legend and Return of the Condor Heroes, as well as the Heavenly Sword and the Dragon-Slaying Sabre.
  • Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils
  • The Smiling Proud Wanderer

The novels are listed according to the chronology of events that occur in them, beginning from the "Sword of the Yueh Maiden" during the Spring and Autumn Period, all the way through to "The Linked Cities" at the close of the Qing Dynasty.

Gu Long

Last update: Monday 18 September 2006

book gulong

A collection of some of the most renowned wuxia works by the author Gu Long:

  • Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword (complete)
  • Bordertown Wanderer, a sequel of Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword
  • The Adventures of Lu Xiao Feng (two volumes complete)
  • The Sword and the Exquisiteness (complete)
  • The Marvellous Tales of Chu Liu Xiang
  • The Legendary Siblings

And many more....

Liang Yusheng

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006

A selection of definitive novels by Liang Yusheng, the author who paved the way for modern wuxia fiction.

Wen Rui'an

Last update: Monday 21 August 2006

Translations of selected novels by Wen Rui'an, one of the top five wuxia authors of the 20th century.


Last update: Friday 22 December 2006

A collection of novel-related topics of enduring significance.


Last update: Thursday 10 August 2006

A repository for high-quality fiction, written by wuxia fans for wuxia fans.