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Last update: Friday 22 December 2006

A collection of novel-related topics of enduring significance.

Bai Wanjian: A Commentary

This note was first posted on HYS' blog, Between Here and There (BHT), on 3 Jul 2006.

The Intelligence of Guo Xiaotian

Guo Xiaotian 郭啸天, the father of Guo Jing 郭靖, was killed in the early chapters of Eagle-Shooting Hero. Since Guo Jing was slow to speak as a child and took time to respond to situations as a young adult, a question arose as to whether Guo Jing had inherited some form of slow-wittedness from his father, Guo Xiaotian.

This article, first published by HYS on the Internet on 3 April 2005, provides evidence to the contrary.

The Woman in Yellow in Shaolin

The enigmatic Woman in Yellow, whose was only identified by the surname Yang 杨, made only two brief appearances in the 40-chapter Heavenly Sword, Dragon-Slaying Sabre. Hence, a few questions arose regarding these appearances, specifically the later one at the Shaolin Temple:

1. Did the Woman in Yellow go to the Shaolin Temple because she had anticipated some trouble, and hence wanted to keep an eye on the child leader of the Beggars' Gang, Shi Hongshi?

2. Why did the Woman in Yellow interfere when Zhou Zhiruo wanted to kill Xie Xun? After all, it did not appear to be something that the Woman in Yellow should be involved in, unless it was to get back at the Emei School for killing an elder of the Beggars' Gang.

3. In the 2003 series that starred Alec Su, the Woman in Yellow said that Zhou Zhiruo should die. What was the reason for such a statement? Song Qingshu, who killed an elder of the Beggars' Gang, was already dead, so that should square up the debt.

This article, first published by HYS on the Internet on 31 March 2005, provides some insights.