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Chu Liu Xiang

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006

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aka: The Adventures of Chu Liu Xiang [楚留香系列], Cho Lau Heung [楚留香], Sở Lưu Hương Truyền Kỳ, So Luu Huong Truyen Ky.

Book 1 summarised and translated by Athena.



Gu Long wrote the Chu Liu Xiang series of novels between 1968 and 1979. There are six works altogether, as follows:

  • The Marvellous Tales of Chu Liu Xiang or Chu Liuxiang Chuanqi 楚留香传奇 (1968), comprising "The Scent of Blood" ( Xuehai Piaoxiang 血海飘香), "The Great Desert" ( Da Shamo 大沙漠) and "The Thrush" ( Huamei Niao 画眉鸟). This is a huge work of 99 chapters, divided amongst its three parts with 27, 36 and 36 chapters respectively.
  • The Legend of the Ghostly Romance or Guilian Chuanqi 鬼恋传奇 (1970). This work is also known as "The Romance of the Ghost and the Warrior" ( Guilian Xiaqing 鬼恋侠情), and "The Revival of Evil" ( Jieshi Huanhun 借尸还魂). It has only 12 chapters.
  • The Legend of the Bat or Bianfu Chuanqi 蝙蝠传奇 (1971). Also known as "The Bat Warrior" ( Bianfu Xia 蝙蝠侠), this work consists of 23 chapters.
  • The Legend of the Peach Blossom or Taohua Chuanqi 桃花传奇 (1972). It has 14 chapters.
  • The Legend of the New Moon or Xinyue Chuanqi 新月传奇 (1978). It has 12 chapters.
  • The Midnight Orchid or Wuye Lanhua 午夜兰花 (1979). It has 14 chapters, divided into 5 parts of two to four chapters each.

Book 1

Last update: Wednesday 20 July 2005

This book is divided into three smaller works: "The Scent of Blood" ( Xuehai Piaoxiang), "The Great Desert" ( Da Shamo) and "The Thrush" ( Huamei Niao).