Chapter 33 : Competing In Wit

Yang Zjiang’s house was indeed quite close after walking for about an hour or so they saw a thatched house. There was smoke coming out of the chimney.
Zhu Lei’Er said: “Your wife is very diligent, preparing breakfast for you already.”
Yang Zijiang said: “That is because she knows we have guests.”

When Zhu Lei’Er heard the words of Yu Peiyu she was stunned, she started to weep again and said: “Am I wrong? Should I not have said those words? There is only Lin Daiyu in your heart? Am I wrong in that?”

Yu Peiyu did not say a word.

After crying for some time Zhu Lei’Er continued: “Maybe I am really wrong. I like to cry and I talk too much. I say the wrong things to anger you, why won’t you continue without me.”

Yu Peiyu did not say a thing, he just gently took her hand and pulled her along with him. Sometimes not talking is the best method.

Yu Peiyu knew that they would come out at that abandoned temple on the other side of this secret tunnel. That is where Yu Fanghe captured Yu Fanghe and killed Tang Yu. That is also the place where Yu Peiyu met Guo Pianxian for the first time, he also remembered that poor young girl Zhong Jing. What happened to them? Are they still alive?

He also thought of Silver Blossom and her cruel punishment for her wicked ways. The images of Golden Blossom, Iron Blossom, Jin Yanzi appeared in front of him.

Of course, he could not forget about Lin Daiyu. Yu Peiyu sighed, he was thinking: The unhappy events they encountered, are those really my fault?

Every girl he met so far had met with tragedy, why?

It is said that beautiful women bring disaster with them, does that go for handsome men too.

Yu Peiyu did not know whether he should laugh loudly or cry sadly now. He held on to another sad girl now and the two of them stayed quiet and continued to walk.

Yu Peiyu gently pushed the fake wall aside and was welcomed by laughter: “The two of you are late. I have been waiting for some time now.”

Yu Peiyu pulled Zhu Lei’Er behind him and backed backwards with a few steps.

Zhu Lei’Er exclaimed: “Yang Zijiang, why do you keep following us!”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “Perhaps it is fate that we should meet again.”

He was sitting on the floor, with a bottle of wine and plate of steamed vegetables on his leg. There was a candle and flint next to him on the floor.

He smiled: “I took this plate from the Tang Manor, although it is cold but it still quite tasty. Come join me and drink some.”

Yu Peiyu just looked at him for a moment and said with a smile: “Thank you.”

Yu Peiyu sat down and poured himself a cup of wine and drank without hesitation. Yang Zijiang looked at him and laughed: “Brother Yu, your martial arts are passable and you’re quite handsome although I am not bad looking myself. But what I truly admire is your ability to stay calm and tranquil no matter what situation, that is something I cannot do myself.”

He turned to Zhu Lei’Er now and smiled: “Miss Zhu, don’t worry there is no poison in the wine. I know many ways to kill but using poison is not one of them.”

Zhu Lei’Er looked at him casually and said: “I just know one method in killing and that is to use poison. I can randomly use it and my victims won’t even know what hit them. When they find out that they are poisoned it is too late and have no idea who killed them.”

She now smiled to Yang Zijiang: “Maybe there is poison in your cup already now.”

If the same words would have been said by someone else Yang Zijiang would laugh in that person’s face. But the speaker now was the daughter of the once dreaded Lady Zhu of the Palace of Enchantment, that made everything different.

Yang Zijiang looked at his cup for awhile and smiled: “If there really was poison you wouldn’t tell me, would you?”

Zhu Lei’Er said sweetly: “Why won’t you drink up?”

Yang Zijiang was a bit stunned and did not drink the wine. Even though he was quite sure there was no venom in it.

Zhu Lei’Er said: “Aren’t you supposed to be a very courageous man?”

Yang Zijiang said: “Normally I am, but when I’m provoked I turn into a coward.”

Zhu Lei’Er took his cup from his hands and poured the wine into the cup of Yu Peiyu, she smiled to Yu Peiyu: “It is pity to waste such a good wine, would you like to drink it?”

Yu Peiyu smiled and drank the wine without hesitation.

Zhu Lei’Er smiled: “There was no poison at all in the wine, see! You must feel awfully awkward now.”

Yang Zijiang stayed the same without looking awkward and laughed: “Being a bit cautious in life doesn’t hurt at all. Furthermore the host should allow the guest to drink first.”

He took the bottle and poured another cup for himself and said: “Now it is my turn.”

Zhu Lei’Er smiled: “By the way there is no poison on the cup.”

Yang Zijiang looked at his cup for a moment and smiled: “I have had too much already, I will pass.”

Zhu Lei’Er smiled sweetly: “When I told you that there was poison you wouldn’t believe, now I am saying that there isn’t poison you don’t believe either. What does it take to convince you?”

Yang Zijiang said: “No matter what you say I won’t drink now.”

He put down his cup and said softly to himself: “I saved her life, but she ruined my mood to drink. I think I won’t save anyone anymore in the future.”

Zhu Lei’Er now said sternly: “Nobody told you to save us! You killed Tang Yue, caused Golden Blossom to commit suicide and you also murdered Iron Blossom. Why won’t you kill us too?”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “Does killing you really please you?”

Zhu Lei’Er scoffed: “Well, you’re smart enough not to mess with us. Or else you might find out we’re not that easy to deal with.”

Yang Zijiang said: “I select my victims on basis whether they deserve to die, not on whether they are easy to deal with or not.”

He looked seriously now and added: “If a certain person can betray his father, brothers and sisters just to be with the woman he loves, does that man deserve to live?”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “You and your friends forced, tricked him to betray his family!”

Yang Zijiang asked: “Can I successfully force or trick you to harm Yu Peiyu?”

Zhu Lei’Er said loudly: “Of course not!”

Yang Zijiang said: “You see what I mean, if you’re determined about something nobody can force you to do anything. If Tang Yue was really loyal to his family he wouldn’t betray his family, even if we promised him the entire world.”

Zhu Lei’Er was a bit taken by his remark but soon said: “How about Golden Blossom? Why did you.....”

Yang Zijiang interrupted: “Golden Blossom committed suicide because Tang Yue was dead. I did not touch her that day when Tang Yue died, there are plenty of dumb women like Golden Blossom in the world who commit suicide that easily. Does that mean I am responsible to for their deaths?”

Zhu Lei’Er scoffed: “How easy you shift the responsibility away from yourself? Does that mean you are a good man?”

Yang Zijiang said: “I wouldn’t dare to say that. But I will never kill an innocent man.”

Zhu Lei’Er looked at him for a moment and continued: “What about Iron Blossom? Why did you kill her?”

Yang Zijiang answered: “Iron Blossom? Who told you I killed her?”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “I did.”

Yang Zijiang said: “Did you actually see me kill him? Have you seen her body? How do you know she is dead?”

Zhu Lei’Er sneered: “Irrelevant! I know you had something to do with her disappearance. She is probably dead.”

Yang Zijiang said: “If she isn’t dead?”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “If...if she is still alive, I will swallow this bottle of green liquor.”

Yang Zijiang laughed: “You cannot swallow this bottle. If people see you they will wonder why this young girl is looking that green.”

Zhu Lei’Er said angrilly: “Who says I look green?”

Yang Zijiang said calmly: “You are already a green eyed monster, how would you look like if you swallow this entire bottle of green wine.”

Zhu Lei’Er was utterly dumbfounded by this man, she did not know what to say to him. She stared at him angrilly and in the end she just laughed: “I’re one formidable shrew. I shiver at the thought if you were actually a woman.”

Yu Peiyu laughed: “Brother Yang, I take it you’re here for another reason except debating with Miss Zhu.”

Yang Zijiang was a bit taken by Yu Peiyu’s remark, Zhu Lei’Er tried so hard to dumbfound him with no luck. But Yu Peiyu managed to stun him with one mere remark.

Yang Zijiang laughed now: “Now I understand the saying Barking dogs don’t bite! I will now look at brother Yu with a new perspective.”

Yu Peiyu just kept smiling friendly.

Yang Zijiang now looked serious and said: “I am here, because I know brother Yu is a true gentleman.”

Yu Peiyu answered: “You’re too kind.”

Yang Zijiang said: “I really admire your tranquility and .....”

Zhu Lei’Er said loudly: “Get on with what you want to say, he does not need your flattery.”

Yang Zijiang smiled dryly and said: “I just want to ask brother Yu one question, I hope you can tell me the truth.”

Yu Peiyu said: “Let me hear that question first.”

Yang Zijiang said: “I just want to know who killed that Tang Wushuang. Was it really Miss Tang Qi? What was her motive? Did she see through his disguise? And how did you come to know about this?”

Yu Peiyu smiled: “That is not one question, but five.”

Yang Zijiang looked at Yu Peiyu and said: “Very well, I would like to ask brother Yu to answer my five questions.”

Yu Peiyu looked earnestly and said: “Brother Yang, since you have asked me this sincerely I cannot refuse your request. However......”

Yang Zijiang asked: “However what?”

Yu Peiyu did not speak anymore and just shook his head.

Zhu Lei’Er smiled: “Don’t you understand? He cannot tell you the truth so the best way is to keep quiet. Now I know what the best method is in dealing with shrews.”

Yang Zijiang sternly said: “You refuse to tell me!”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “What are you planning to do?”

Yang Zijiang looked angry and pale now, Zhu Lei’Er was getting nervous and knew that if he attacked now it would not be easy to ward off his attacks.

However Yang Zijiang smiled: “If that is the case, forget I ever asked.”

Zhu Lei’Er was a bit surprised and said: “Why so friendly all of a sudden?”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “I really want to become friends with brother Yu and I hope he can join me for a cup of wine in my home.”

Zhu Lei’Er said with surprise: “You have a home too?”

Yang Zijiang laughed: “What is so strange about having a place of my own. Most people do have their own homes.”

Zhu Lei’Er asked: “Where is your house?”

Yang Zijiang said: “It is quite near and my wife is preparing a few dishes, I think, as we speak.”

Zhu Lei’Er was surprised again and said: “You have a wife?”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “What is so strange about that?”

Zhu Lei’Er sighed: “I’m totally confused now. You never ceases to amaze me, I really want to meet your wife. I wonder why she would marry a strange man like you.”

Yang Zijiang smiled to Yu Peiyu: “Does brother Yu have the time now?”

Yu Peiyu just laughed lightly, Zhu Lei’Er interrupted: “I know he is very interested in meeting your wife too.”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “Excellent, I think brother Yu won’t defy the wishes of Miss Zhu?”

Yu Peiyu’s curiosity was also aroused, he began to see the different side of Yang Zijiang.....the funny and sincere side of him.

Yang Zjiang’s house was indeed quite close after walking for about an hour or so they saw a thatched house. There was smoke coming out of the chimney.

Zhu Lei’Er said: “Your wife is very diligent, preparing breakfast for you already.”

Yang Zijiang said: “That is because she knows we have guests.”

Zhu Lei’Er asked: “How does she know we would come today?”

Yang Zijiang said seriously: “If I would not come home with two esteemed guests, she won’t allow me to enter the house.”

Zhu Lei’Er asked: “Why? Does she know us?”

Yang Zijiang smiled and shook his head.

Zhu Lei’Er asked: “Why won’t you answer?”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “I’m just following brother Yu’s example of not talking.”

Zhu Lei’Er pouted: “I will see for myself anyway.”

The surroundings were very idyllic and nice, at first sight there was nobody strange or dangerous about this place.

When they entered the house, they saw that the table was spreaded already and there was food on the table.

Zhu Lei’Er sat down and started to eat, she had not eaten for an entire day and was really quite hungry.

She smiled: “Your wife really knows how to cook. You are very fortunate to have found such a caring wife.”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “I am afraid that these dishes will not be to your liking.”

Yu Peiyu asked: “Where is Madame Yang, if I may ask?”

Yang Zijiang said: “I think she must be in the kitchen preparing some dishes.”

There was noise coming from the kitchen, Yu Peiyu said: “There are so many dishes already here, we wouldn’t dare to impose on you.”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “She really wants her guests to taste her food.”

Yu Peiyu smiled: “Tell Madame Yang to join us.”

Yang Zijiang said: “Very well.”

It was very strange that these three people would sit down at the same table and eat together. One was a misunderstood young heroic gentleman fighting for a noble goal. The second one was a strange young man with mysterious intentions and third one was the daughter of the late Lady Zhu.

If anyone would see them here together they would probably be to scared to even stay to watch them. Because anyone of these three are formidable characters in the present realm of martial arts.

Yang Zijiang smiled: “It is time that you would show yourself to our guests.”

A voice very clear and pretty said: “After cooking these prawns I will come out.”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “That voice sounds so familiar.”

Yang Zijiang laughed: “Can’t you tell by the voice?”

Zhu Lei’Er shook her head and said: “There are too many additional noises in the kitchen I cannot hear clearly.”

At this time a young woman walked out of the kitchen and she had a plate of prawns in her hand.

Zhu Lei’Er and Yu Peiyu were stunned to see this woman here.

The wife of Yang Zijiang is Iron Blossom.

They were expecting to be in a surprise but this was even beyond their wildest dreams.

Iron Blossom smiled sweetly: “I hope you won’t mind if it is not that good.”

Yu Peiyu stuttered: “’re too mo...modest, Mada....Madame Yang.”

Although he always remained calm and clear under the most dire circumstances but this even shocked him and he had no idea what to say. The only thing he could think of was to put something in his mouth to prevent himself from saying the wrong things.

When Iron Blossom heard Yu Peiyu calling her [Madame Yang], she blushed.

At this time Zhu Lei’Er loudly asked: “You’re actually married to him?”

Iron Blossom smiled: “Well, I have to get married eventually.”

Zhu Lei’Er shook her head and sighed: “Why would you like to marry a strange character like him.”

Yang Zijiang laughed: “Everyone to his own! I mean if every woman has the same taste like Miss Zhu then brother Yu would have a lot of female admirers.”

He added: “I wonder if this wine is as good as the green wine of earlier.”

Zhu Lei’Er sighed: “You don’t have to make me angry, I lose I am jealous little girl. I know that.”

Suddenly they heard horses galloping this way, Zhu Lei’Er asked: “Are you expecting guests?”

Yang Zijiang said: “It seems so.”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “They must come from afar.”

Yang Zijiang said: “Yes, I think so.”

Zhu Lei’Er asked: “Who are those people?”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “How do you know I would know these people?”

Zhu Lei’Er scoffed: “Probably those fiendish friends of yours.”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “How did you guess?”

The horses came closer and closer to the house of Yang Zijiang, Zhu Lei’Er looked at Yu Peiyu to see what his intentions were. But Yu Peiyu just smiled and did not say a thing.

Yang Zijiang loudly praised: “Yu Peiyu.....Yu Peiyu, I really admire your courage.”

Yu Peiyu smiled: “Thank you.”

Yang Zijiang said: “Only you with extraordinary courage would dare to come to my home? Aren’t you afraid I will sell you out to those men?”

Yu Peiyu smiled: “I love the surroundings here and I enjoyed Madame Yang’s cooking. And I don’t think you’re the kind of man who will sell me out.”

Yang Zijiang said: “You shouldn’t blindly trust people, brother Yu.”

Yu Peiyu said calmly: “If you wanted to harm me, you would have done so a long time ago. There is no need for all of this, is it?”

Yang Zijiang laughed: “You shouldn’t trust me altogether! I’m not a good man.”

Yu Peiyu said sincerely: “I think you are a decent person.”

Zhu Lei’Er was very much bemused by this, one was self-reproaching the other was consoling him. Just half a day ago these two young men could be said were mortal enemies.

However Zhu Lei’Er still did not trust this Yang Zijiang. But it was too late, the horses stopped in front of Yang Zijiang’s house. One of the riders called: “Is someone here?”

Yang Zijiang said: “You know I’m here, why pretend?”

One of the riders smiled friendly: “We wouldn’t dare to barge into the home of young master Yang.”

Yang Zijiang frowned and said: “Enough formalities, enter!”

Three men came in with three large boxes big enough to put in grown men.

One of the men walked in with a big smile, Zhu Lei’Er thought she had seen this man before. She remembered that she did see him with Yu Fanghe at her home and Yu Peiyu saw him with the entourage of Yu Fanghe watching Yu and Tang Wushuang playing go.

When he saw Yu Peiyu and Zhu Lei’Er his smile was gone.

Yang Zijiang asked: “Have you brought the things I want?”

One of the other men said: “Yes, it is in here.”

Yang Zijiang said: “Are you sure?”

The man said: “Absolutely, we personally saw to it.”

But they saw Yu Peiyu too and they did looked at him with bad intentions in their eyes.

Yang Zijiang deliberately said loudly: “Oh! You have met each other before?”

The man stuttered: “Not...not...really.”

Yang Zijiang laughed: “Let me introduce you to each other.”

He pointed to one of the man and said: “This is Mountain Splitting Sabre Song Gang. This is Tiger Subdueing Fists Zhao Qiang. It is said that they are famous martial artists.”

Both Zhao Qiang and Song Gang said with a proud smile: “You’re too kind.”

Yang Zijiang coldly added: “In my opinion this mountain splitting sabre is only fit to chop wood and tiger subdueing fists can never subdue tigers. Even cats might be a problem.”

Both Zhao Qiang and Song Gang were furious now but did not dare to show it and really tried their best to suppress their anger. Zhu Lei’Er was amused and felt pity for them.

Yang Zijiang pointed at the third man and said: “He has somewhat higher martial arts than these two. He is called The Jade Celestial Sabre Cao Ziying. That sabre of his may not be able to slash through everything, but it might be worth a few taels of silver at the market. But his stances are not too bad.”

Cao Ziying looked pleased and smiled: “Thank you, young master Yang.”

Yang Zijiang added: “But people also say that you’re hypocritical fiend and your head is filled with dirty tricks. But you still have a long way to go if you want follow the footsteps of your ancestor Cao Cao.”

Cao Ziying was still smiling but his smile was not that radiant anymore.

Yu Peiyu said: “It is my pleasure to meet all of you.”

Zhu Lei’Er asked: “Did the three of you came here to take our lives?”

Cao Ziying smiled: “That really depends on young master Yang, we follow his commands.”

Zhu Lei’Er looked at Yang Zijiang.

Yang Zijiang said indifferently: “I don’t care whom you want to kill, it really depends on your own abilities. Now there is food on the table, do you expect me to feed you personally.”

Cao Ziying, Zhao Qiang and Song Gang looked pleased now.

Zhu Lei’Er said angrilly: “You really have intentions to betray us!”

Yang Zijiang sighed: “I said I was not a good person, but brother Yu wouldn’t believe my words.”
Yu Peiyu smiled: “I won’t blame anyone.”

The three men looked at each other and Cao Ziying said: “In that case....”

Iron Blossom interrupted: “I don’t care what you want to do! But first you have to finish all the food on the table, I have stood in the kitchen the entire morning to cook this!”

Cao Ziying said coldly: “Miss is....”

Yang Zijiang said: “Not Miss but Madame, Madame Yang. My wife.”

Cao Ziying immediately said with a smile: “I would love to eat Madame Yang’s quisine. I will eat all the dishes after business first.”

Iron Blossom said: “That way the food will get cold, it won’t be that good anymore. And if anyone of you would die that means that the mood will be ruined.”

Yang Zijiang sighed: “I think it is best that you won’t upset my wife. Furthermore upsetting women is not really a wise move, I suggest you would eat first.”

Iron Blossom smiled: “Indeed, eat up. You might get some extra energy.”

She went into the kitchen to get extra chopsticks, cups and bowls.

In the beginning Zhao Qiang and Song Gang ate with difficulty but because they were quite hungry now, so they soon ate heartily.

Yang Zijiang smiled: “If they fight as quick as they eat, brother Yu is in big trouble.”

Iron Blossom gently slapped him and laughed: “What kind of host are you? You should urge them to eat some more.”

The two of them were joking around as an ordinary couple much to the discomfort of Zhu Lei’Er. She originally thought that Iron Blossom was planning something for these three, but it did not seem like that.

Zhu Lei’Er saw with one look that there was no poison in the food or on the bowls, chopsticks and such.

Zhu Lei’Er felt very worried and wondered what to do, these three men were not a problem. But Yang Zijiang was.

She saw that Yu Peiyu was sitting and enjoying this meal very much, she asked with sarcasm: “Have you never eaten prawns before in your life?”

He drank a cup of wine and laughed: “I think I won’t have the chance to eat such delicious prawns anymore in my life. I can’t passed out on this opportunity.”

Zhu Lei’Er almost jumped up with anger, but when she realised that after all this time Yu Peiyu now lost to Yu Fanghe she almost started to sob sadly.

Yu Peiyu put a piece of duck in her rice bowl and said gently: “Try this duck cooked with tea-leaves, it is a special dish famous only in Sichuan province. Not as good as Beijing duck in my opinion, but not bad either.”

She quietly ate the duck, it tasted very good but she could not really enjoy it. In fact to her it tasted bitter.

Yang Zijiang laughed: “It seems it is a wise choice to marry a woman who can cook wonderfully. Miss Zhu, you really should learn how to cook.”

Zhu Lei’Er said hatefully: “I think you have married the wrong woman.”

Yang Zijiang asked: “Why do you say that?”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “The prawns are in my opinion not very good.”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “Next time I would love to taste your cookery Miss Zhu.”

Zhu Lei’Er coldly said: “There will be time for that soon enough.”

She suddenly asked: “What is that you and your lackeys want from Yu Peiyu anyway?”

Yang Zijiang said: “The chancellor went to the Family Li Village to look for a certain object, but he couldn’t find it. He was also surprised to find out that both of you were alive and not killed in the fire, so he thought that that object might be in your hands.”

Cao Ziying kept coughing the entire time as to remind Yang Zijiang not to reveal any secrets to these people.

Yang Zijiang ignored his coughing and continued: “Besides chancellor Yu has gone through great difficulty to investigate the antecedents of brother Yu, but in vain. Could brother Yu just be like the Sun Wukong, exploded from a rock?”

Yu Peiyu smiled: “But the antecedents of brother Yang are also very mysterious.”

Yang Zijiang laughed: “Maybe you don’t know, but at least the chancellor knows.”

Yu Peiyu just nodded.

Yang Zijiang said: “You’re very mysterious, your martial arts are good. And you keep giving the chancellor problems, it is naturally that he wants to get rid of you.”

Yu Peiyu smiled: “The chancellor has a too high of an opinion of me.”

Cao Ziying, Zhao Qiang and Song Gang turned pale, Iron Blossom looked at her husband with love.

Zhu Lei’Er took advantage of this opportunity to put poison on the plate of ribs, she was a great user of poison and nobody saw a thing.

However nobody touched the plate of ribs, she was so anxious. She deliberately picked a rib and ate it, she softly said: “Very good. Not too salty and not too spicy.”

But again none of the people touched the plate of ribs, Yu Peiyu smiled: “I would like taste it, since you say it is that good.”

Those who are supposed to eat it are not eating, those who really must not eat this are going to eat it.

Zhu Lei’Er was almost going mad and quickly used her chopsticks to prevent Yu Peiyu from eating, she pouted: “Don’t eat those greasy things, aren’t you afraid of becoming fat. I hate men with big bellies.”

Yang Zijiang laughed: “Some men are detestable even without big bellies, take for instance brother Cao here. I can’t stand him and he is as skinny as one can be.”

Zhu Lei’Er smiled to him: “Why aren’t you eating?”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “I’m Muslim, I am not allowed to eat pork.”

Zhu Lei’Er turned to Iron Blossom and smiled: “It is waste to leave such a delicious plate or ribs untouched.”

Iron Blossom said: “I will feed it to the dogs later on.”

Cao Ziying initially wanted to pick a piece but when she heard the words of Iron Blossom, he put down his chopsticks and smiled: “I wanted to taste it, but I don’t want to steal away the food of the dogs.”

Zhu Lei’Er was furious but she couldn’t force force them to eat those ribs, could she?

Cao Ziying touched his belly and smiled: “I’m full, I can’t eat another thing.”

Yang Zijiang said casually: “Well now, you can do what you have to do now.”

Cao Ziying said with a smile: “I will help Madame Yang cleaning up the table.”

Yang Zijiang said: “No need, I just love to hear the noise of breaking plate and bowls and such.”

Cao Ziying said: “In that case, please forgive us for being rude.”

He looked at Song Gang and Zhao Qiang, he sinisterly smiled to Yu Peiyu: “I advise you to come with us peacefully.”

All of three of them stood up and readied themselves.

Yang Zijiang pulled Iron Blossom back and smiled: “I don’t want your new dress getting dirty.”

Yu Peiyu stood up too and told Zhu Lei’Er: “This doesn’t concern you either, go over there first.”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “This isn’t a new dress and I’m not afraid that it will get dirty.”

She raised her palm and attacked Cao Ziying, Cao expected that much and avoided that blow. He said with smile: “If you’re not willing.....”

Suddenly he broke out in spasms and fell down, Zhao Qiang and Song Gang followed his example and broke out in convulsions too.

In a moment all three of them were dead.

Yang Zijiang laughed: “Why all the charades after a good meal.”

Iron Blossom said: “They should entertain us, after all I cooked a good meal for them.”

Yang Zijiang sighed: “The silver moss really is something special.....”

Zhu Lei’Er looked at him and exclaimed: “Silver moss?”

Yang Zijiang said: “Yes, only Silver Blossom is capable of turning the silver moss into a powerful poison.”

This type of poison was often used by emperors, they would bestow this poison to concubines, ministers who have become expendable.

Together with the crane’s red dot and the silver kiss, these are three most famous used poison in history.

Even Yu Peiyu has heard of this type of rare poison too and asked: “Was the poison in the wine?”

Iron Blossom answered: “Don’t worry it was not in the wine nor in the food.”

She picked up the cup Cao Ziying used and smiled.

Zhu Lei’Er laughed: “Wonderful! The two of you are really made for each other! Both of you like to trick people.”

She turned to Yu Peiyu and smiled: “It seems you were correct, they really had no bad intentions towards us.”

Yang Zijiang said: “Not necessarily.”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “Well, if not why would you kill these three.”

Yang Zijiang said: “I killed them because I cannot stand them, if one day I cannot stand the both of you I will kill you too.”

Zhu Lei’Er laughed: “You really are strange aren’t you? Normal people like to hear people praise about themselves, only you like to be mocked.”

Yang Zijiang said: “I am not a good man, I like it when people say that I am a fiend.”

Iron Blossom laughed: “He got scolded a lot when he was young. If he isn’t scolded for three days, he will get uncomfortable all of a sudden. That is why I married him, I like to scold people.”

Zhu Lei’Er laughed: “You really are made for each other. I truly envy you.”

Yang Zijiang said: “Well if you envy her, won’t you be my wife too?”

Zhu Lei’Er smiled: “I’m afraid not, and you have a wife already. Otherwise...”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “The more the merrier.”

Iron Blossom laughed: “I wonder if he can put with two wives scolding him.”

Zhu Lei’Er pouted: “Unfortunately, I don’t like to scold people.”

Yang Zijiang said: “Oh! You’re like me, you like to be scolded.”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “Here you go again, after just saying you’re a decent man, now you’re becoming all cheeky again.”

Yang Zijiang said seriously: “I am not a decent man, if I was decent I would continue to carry out Yu Fanghe’s orders and stay loyal to him.”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “So in other words, if you kill us you are really a decent man.”

Yang Zijiang said: “Not necessarily, I only have to seal your acupoints and put in these boxes and present you to Yu Fanghe.”

Zhu Lei’Er looked at those boxes and thought she would easily fit in one of those boxes.

She asked: “What is in them?”

Yang Zijiang said: “It is a gift for Madame Hai Tang from Yu Fanghe.”

Zhu Lei’Er asked: “What kind of gift?”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “Care to guess, Miss Zhu?”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “I am not Zhuge Liang, how should I know?”

Yang Zijiang said: “You have seen the contents of these boxes before....”

Yu Peiyu laughed: “May I guess?”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “Of course.”

Yu Peiyu said: “I think there are two humans in the box, correct?”

Yang Zijiang said: “Hmm!”

Yu Peiyu continued: “A man and a woman?”

Yang Zijiang answered: “Hmm!”

Yu Peiyu said: “Guo Pianxian and Zhong Jing?”

Yang Zijiang looked at Yu Peiyu with amazement, he now sighed deeply: “No wonder Yu Fanghe wants to get rid of you. If you were my enemy I would also be restless.”

Zhu Lei’Er exclaimed: “Is that Guo fellow really in here?”

Yang Zijiang said: “Yes, he is.”

Zhu Lei’Er asked: “How did he end up here?”

Yang Zijiang said: “He passed out by the smoke that day in the Family Li Village and someone found him and put him in the box.”

Zhu Lei’Er walked over and wanted to take a look in the box, but Yang Zijiang quickly sat on the box and calmly said: “Only Madame Hai Tang is allowed to open this box.”

Zhu Lei’Er asked: “Who said that?”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “The chancellor of Wulin.”

Zhu Lei’Er exclaimed: “Ha! Now you listen to him.”

Yang Zijiang said: “Hmm!”

Zhu Lei’Er said earnestly: “Yang Zijiang, tell us. Are you a friend of ours, or are you just another lackey of Yu Fanghe?”

Yang Zijiang asked: “What are the advantages of being your friend?”

Zhu Lei’Er was a bit stunned: “There are plenty advantages, I can’t name so many at once.”

Yang Zijiang laughed: “Shall I name them for you? One, you can join me during meals. Two, if I have nothing to do I can save you lot. Three.....hahahah there are too many to mention, but I would rather pass on these advantages if you don’t mind.”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “So you admit you’re a lackey of Yu Fanghe.”

Yang Zijiang smiled: “I’m no lackey.”

Zhu Lei’Er asked: “What do you mean?”

Yang Zijiang said: “I’m just me. I have no friends, and I am not any lackey. I just do what I like and please.”

Zhu Lei’Er said: “So you act on your own interests.”

Yang Zijiang said: “Absolutely correct! I like what you say.”

Zhu Lei’Er was furious and did not know what to say. Suddenly they could hear a carriage coming their way from afar.

Yang Zijiang said: “I don’t have any friends, but I do have a lot guests all of a sudden.”

He suddenly flew up and kicked those three bodies out into the backyard and returned to his seat in a flash.

Zhu Lei’Er scoffed: “Are they hear to bring presents too? However those presents are probably not for you, you just have to safeguard them.”

Zhu Lei’Er looked outside and saw that the driver of the carriage was a man with only one arm and he rode very quickly to the house of Yang Zijiang.