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Bordertown Wanderer

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006

book bianchenglangzi

aka: Bian Cheng Lang Zi [边城浪子], Bin Seng Long Ji [邊城浪子], Biên Thành Lãng Tử, Bien Thanh Lang Tu, Kisah Pengelana di Kota Perbatasan.

Translated by Justin Lu.

Work-in-progress (about 57%).

Readers' comments:

  • "... Bordertown Wanderer has a better overall pacing. It seems Gu Long put a lot of thought into this particular story, especially considering that he wrote this as a prequel after having already written the other Ye Kai/Fu HongXue stories." - TigerWong, spcnet.tv/forums .
  • "Wow ... this is great! [It] is very 'Gu Long-ish', almost like a mystery/detective story. Seriously hooked, I read 21 chapters in one go. The translation is very polished too." - chowbeng, spcnet.tv/forums.


Written in 1976, this work is considered as a sequel to Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword (多情剑客无情剑).

Post Bordertown Wanderer, the stories of Ye Kai (Diệp Khai, Diep Khai) and Fu HongXue (Phó Hồng Tuyết, Pho Hong Tuyet) are continued in Flyng Eagle in September ( Jiuyue Yingfei 九月鹰飞 Cửu Nguyệt Ưng Phi, Cuu Nguyet Ung Phi) and Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre ( Tianya Mingyue Dao 天涯明月刀 Thiên Nhai Minh Nguyệt Đao, Thien Nhai Minh Nguyet Dao) respectively.

For more information: Making Sense of the Flying Dagger Series.


Bordertown Wanderer follows the story of the disciple of Li XunHuan (Lý Tầm Hoan, Ly Tam Hoan), Ye Kai, and a crippled albino with an extremely fast sabre, Fu HongXue. It reads like a mystery or thriller in which Fu HongXue tries to discover the secret of his origins.

More Readers' Comments

  • "... this is a WONDERFUL novel ... I'm truly addicted to it. I'm enjoying it as much as [Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword] or even more. The way Gu Long writes these two novels is so clever and deep (well, in all his novels, [he writes] like this, but in these two, he seems to surpass himself). Ye Kai is such a Guy.... [as] interesting as Li Tan Huan.... " - Felipe, spcnet.tv/forums.
  • " Call me twisted, but I like the weird plot events going on in this one. Maybe it is just because the story as a whole is so layered in lies and plots. It isn't one character acting wierd -- everyone is messed up. Seriously messed up. And it has great characters..." - Anatman, spcnet.tv/forums.
  • " I can't believe that even though Gu Long rarely places an emphasis on romance or ruins the romance somehow, I always enjoy reading his stories. Must be the addicting dialogue..." - patricia n, spcnet.tv/forums.

Prologue - Red Snow

A sabre rested on the altar.  Its scabbard was ebony black.  Its hilt was ebony black.
She suddenly took the sabre and cut the steel coffer in half.
There was nothing inside except for a heap of powdery red dust.
She took a handful into her hand and said, "Do you know what this is?"

Chapter 1 - One Who Doesn't Carry A Blade

The youngster in purple gave the signal and two people who had been sitting with him slowly stood up and looked like they were about to give chase.
At that moment, a strange voice filled the large hall, "You're not willing to let anyone treat you, but are you willing to treat someone else?"

Chapter 2 - GuanDong Hall of Ten-Thousand Horses

With just three of his fingers, Ye Kai trapped her whip in his grasp.  No matter how hard she pulled, she was unable to retract it.
She was half-startled and half-impatient as she angrily said, "What ... what do you want?"

Chapter 3 - Sabres Are Severed, Intestines Are Shattered

All nine of them were handsome young men.  The one that stood out looked even more refined and was glowing with confidence.  He walked out from the crowd and said, "I am truly sorry for arriving late."
Although his mouth was apologizing, his face was full of arrogance.  Anyone could easily tell that there wasn't half a bit of sincerity in his words.
The nine of them walked through the courtyard and up to the large white doors.
"Which one of you is MuRong MingZhu?" GongSun Duan asked loudly.

Chapter 4 - To Live And Die With The Sabre

MuRong MingZhu's face flushed red as he said, "If that's the case, then Hall Master Ma must have had a different agenda in mind when he invited all of us here under the guise of treating us to wine."
"That's right!" Ma KongQun replied.
"So then what are your intentions!" MuRong MingZhu said.

Chapter 5 - A Night In Bordertown

Yun ZaiTian glanced up at the lantern, his eyes suddenly filled with worry and apprehension.
Would the 'Hall of Ten-Thousand Horses' meet the same fate as that lantern?  Although it was hung up high, and its brightness radiated out for as far as the eye could see, who knew just when it would suddenly be extinguished?

Chapter 6 - The Buried Sabre

Ye Kai stood silently in the western winds, he only felt a cold and chilling sensation that couldn't quite be put into words.
Ma KongQun looked at him and said, "What do you see?"
"A grave." Ye Kai replied.
"Do you know whose grave this is?" Ma KongQun said.
"Bai TianYu, Bai TianYong ..." Ye Kai said.
"Do you know who those two are?" Ma KongQun said.

Chapter 7 - Dark Clouds, Ominous Sky

Ye Kai put on a stern face and said, "If you don't tell me, I'm going to have to bring you back and tell your dad."
XiaoHu Zi's face turned pale again.  Whenever he heard his dad being mentioned, he would immediately tell the truth, "Fine, I'll tell you.  It was my third auntie."
"Your third auntie?  Was she the one who brought you out earlier this morning?" Ye Kai said.

Chapter 8 - Warmth of the Spring Breeze

"I won't leave!" Ye Kai said.
Ma FangLing lifted her head and suddenly stood up, she reached out, grabbed his hand and said, "You ... you're really not going to leave?"

Chapter 9 - Stable As A Giant Boulder

"If anyone is able to cultivate their internal energy to the level of 'Catching Lumber With Shifting Flowers', then there really would be no reason to be embarassed at all." Ye Kai said with a smile.
"Brother Ye has wondrous insight." Xiao BieLi returned with a smile.
"GongSun Duan's insight is probably just as sharp, why else would he leave?" Ye Kai said.

Chapter 10 - Silencing The Witness

Ye Kai, Fu HongXue. They were two very strange yet unique individuals.
The grasslands were always quiet and desolate, but ever since these two arrived, strange events seemed to follow one after another at a frightening pace. No one knew how far it would all escalate.
Just who were these two? What did they come for?

Chapter 11 - Midnight Whispers

Suddenly, with a *PENG*, the doors swung open, and in walked a man with giant strides.  A giant of a man!  GongSun Duan's hand was clenched firmly on the handle of his sabre.
Xiao BieLi sighed and remarked, "Those who shouldn't have come, have all arrived.  Yet those who should have come, have yet to show."

Chapter 12 - Hidden Projectile Experts

Xiao BieLi still sat there quietly, as if he were listening to two people who had nothing to do with him discussing something that had no relevance to him whatsoever.
Ding Qiu's eyes were glowing as he stared at Ye Kai unblinkingly.  The hand that bore that three-starred ring made another peculiar gesture.
Ye Kai let out a long sigh and said with a smile, "So you're the ones who are trying to kill Ma KongQun."
"You couldn't have guessed?" Ding Qiu said.
"What kind of feud do you two have with him?  Why do you want him dead?" Ye Kai asked.

Chapter 13 - Third Madame Shen's Secret

Third Madame Shen's reaction was very peculiar.  She seemed to be in deep thought and she seemed to not have heard Ma KongQun's words at all.
After a long while, she finally turned to face Ma KongQun and said, "I did leave the house last night."
"I know." Ma KongQun said.
"The person that I went to look for wasn't Cui Nong." Third Madame Shen said.
"I know." Ma KongQun said.
He had taken a seat by now, his expression was still extremely calm.  No one could tell just what he was thinking.

Chapter 14 - A Proud Horse's Long Neigh

Hua MenTian and Yun ZaiTian watched him as he drank.  But they didn't try to stop him, nor did they choose to join him.  There always seemed to be a distance between them.
And now that distance seemed to be getting even larger.
GongSun Duan stared at the wine in his cup and suddenly felt an indescribable loneliness.  All the battles he fought, the blood, the sweat, what did it all amount to?

Chapter 15 - Soaring Flowers Fill The Sky

Hua MenTian suddenly started to laugh, a very eerie laughter. "And because he had quite a deep friendship with Luo LuoShan, he had to pretend to hate him with great enmity on the outside, so that no one would suspect anything."
"Exactly." Ma KongQun replied.
Hua MenTian stared at him and asked, "You saw through everything by yourself?"

Chapter 16 - Once One Enters The 'Hall of Ten-Thousand Horses', Forget About Ever Returning Home

Ye Kai was knocking on Fu HongXue's door.
No one had seen Fu HongXue since earlier this morning.  Whenever he mentioned that pale-faced cripple, he was met with odd looks, almost as if they had just seen a venemous serpent.
The news that GongSun Duan was slain by Fu HongXue had already spread throughout all parts of town.

Chapter 17 - The Mysterious Old Lady

The old lady started to laugh, a very strange and unusual laugh.
"What do you find so funny?" Ye Kai asked.
"Just one thing." the old lady replied.
"And what is that?"
"I am not Granny Du."
"You're not?"

Chapter 18 - The Flying Dagger That Saves Lives

"Anybody could've killed him, because he was completely powerless to resist." Ye Kai explained.
"Why is that?" Fu HongXue said.
"I was afraid that he would be unwilling to wait for you, so I sealed his accupoints before." Ye Kai said.
He paused for a moment before continuing, "The only thing is ... although anyone would've been able to kill him, there should be only one person who would want him dead."

Chapter 19 - Cutting The Weeds And Pulling The Roots

"GongSun Duan?" Ye Kai guessed.
"GongSun Duan was merely a servant. Just the two of them alone would never dare to challenge the 'Hall of the Divine Sabre'. In addition, Madame Bai and Second Hero Bai were otherworldly experts as well." Third Madame Shen retorted.