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Mnemonic of the Linked Cities

Last update: Monday 18 September 2006


aka: Lian Cheng Jue [连城诀], Lin Seng Kyut [連城訣], Liên Thành Quyết, Lien Thanh Quyet, Pedang Hati Suci, Su Xin Jian [素心剑], Sou Sam Gim [素心劍], Secret of the Linked Cities, A Deadly Secret.

Story synopsis available.


This is Jin Yong's first novel to step away from the nationalistic theme that marks his earlier works. Written in the memory of a family servant from his childhood, The Mnemonic of the Linked Cities is the story of Di Yun -- and to a lesser extent, that of Ding Dian -- two individuals who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Mnemonic of the Linked Cities is the 8th of Jin Yong's 15 works.

Story Synopsis

Di Yun was but only an orphan who was adopted in childhood by a seemingly-kindhearted farmer in rural Xiangxi. Yet, his life was changed forever when the farmer was invited to Jingzhou City for the birthday celebration of his eldest brother-at-arms, Wan Zhenshan. There, the farmer disappeared after allegedly wounding Wan during an argument, leaving the hapless Di Yun and his attractive adopted sister, Qi Fang, at the mercies and machinations of their host family, the Wans.

For Ding Dian, his troubles started almost a decade earlier, when he chanced upon three men trying to murder their wounded martial arts teacher. After rescuing the teacher, he ended up being rewarded for his kindness with a secret that he never wanted: the actual Mnemonic of the Linked Cities -- the code to the greatest treasure trove of all time -- itself!

Di Yun and Ding Dian eventually crossed paths as convicts on the death row of Jingzhou City -- the former incarcerated for a crime he did not commit, while the latter, for the enticing secret he owned. They became firm friends, and the real reason behind Di Yun's misfortunes began to unfold.

Second edition changes

This novel was first written in 1963 for South-East Asia Weekly, a joint publication of Hong Kong's Ming Newspaper and Singapore's Nanyang Business Newspaper.  In 1970, Jin Yong began revising all his works, including Mnemonic of the Linked Cities.

Third edition changes

Jin Yong published the third edition of Mnemonic of the Linked Cities in 2005. Here are the changes.