Book 1

Last update: Tuesday 19 July 2005

Chapters 1-25.

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Chapter 1: Flying Dagger vs. Quick Sword

The white faced man suddenly said, "So you're 'Sudden Wind Sword' Zhu Ge Lei?"
His voice was sharp, and there seemed to be a resonance, like that of a rattlesnake.
Zhu Ge Lei was scared out of his wits just listening to the voice. "Y...yes."

Chapter 2: A Close Friend Stored in the Seas

When the driver saw these four people, he immediately said, "Black snake was not killed by someone."
Li Xun Huan said, "Huh?"
The driver said, "They're killed by a scorpion's poison."

Chapter 3: Treasure Sways People's Heart

Li Xun Huan said, "Golden Thread Vest might be a treasure for protection. But what do you need it for? I can still kill you with one blow. Why do you waste so much effort trying to get it?"

Chapter 4: Beauty Touches a Person's Soul

Her body was that amazing. Making any man feel that he was not worthy of this body.
She smiled as she took off her shoes.
Her feet were that pretty, making people's hearts pound. If someone said that many men would be willing to die from stomping by these feet, no one would doubt him.

Chapter 5: Chase on a Snowy Night

"If we can find a broken-footed man who looks like a meatball in 2 hours, I might have a chance to live. Because the person who applied the poison must also have the antidote."
This was the last sentence Li Xun Huan had the energy to say.

Chapter 6: Savior at Drunken Homeland

Before he could finish, the dot-faced guy suddenly said something into Zhao's ear, and looked at Li Xun Huan's dagger at the same time.
Zhao's face turned even whiter, saying, "It can't possibly be him."

Chapter 7: Accidentally Hurting Friend's Son

The red kid saw that he still did not die, went up to Li Xun Huan again, yelling, "Who the hell do you think you are. You think you're worthy of watching over me for my parents? Worthy of taking me as your disciple?"
The driver's face became cold as ice, saying, "For a person with such a venomous heart, he can't be allowed to live!"
Li Xun Huan also sighed. His palm turned and shot out.

Chapter 8: The Past Cannot be Changed

'When you drink to ease distress, you only become more distressful' is not quite accurate. It's true that small amount of wine will make one remember more of the past, more painful memories. But when a person becomes truly drunk, then he would forget everything.

Chapter 9: Another Encounter

Li Xun Huan just smiled without talking, but a thought suddenly came to him. "The brush is still here, but isn't someone else living here now?"
Long Xiao4 Yun said, "You know, it's quite strange. It's almost as if Lin Xian Er knew you were coming back. Although she's lived here for several years now, she never moved anything."

Chapter 10: Problem of 18 years Ago

Long Xiao4 Yun went up and said with a smile, "If there's a misunderstanding we can talk. Why..."
Qin Xiao Yi chuckled, "After all that has happened to my son and I, you think there's still room for talking?"

Chapter 11: Savior From the Sky

Zhang Cheng Xun added, "The eight of us originally were happy together, so none of us really bothered to seek other friends. But on that year, third brother brought a person to the annual gathering. He said that person was his friend."

Chapter 12: Both are Heart-Broken People

The wine cups on the table were all shattered in the wind generated by the sword. Wine spilled all over the floor. Although each of his sword strokes was faster than the last, Li Xun Huan just stood there. As if nothing was happening. Every single stroke missed.

Chapter 13: Strange Disaster

At this moment, hearing a faint sound, Tian Qi's hands came out from his back.  A short golden staff appeared, and hit Li Xun Huan directly on the leg. Li Xun Huan's fist, even without his dagger, was among the best in the world. Yet because he was grabbed by Long Xiao Yun, he could not do anything.

Chapter 14: Some Things Can't Be Explained

Yet Ah Fei's sword was still on his waist. No one saw how he pulled out the sword. But everyone saw that the sword now had blood stains.

Chapter 15: True Love

Long Xiao Yun squeezed his own hands. Then he started to hit his own chest. "I don't have the courage. I'm afraid. I'm a coward. But why don't you think a minute. How can we do this? If we let him go, do you think they'd let us go?"

Chapter 16: False Compassion, False Kindness

Although the other four monks are being attacked, he does not have to help them defend. This is one of the strong points of the Luo Han Formation. No one would've thought that at this instance, Ah Fei changed his move again.

Chapter 17: True Nature Revealed

Lin Shi Yin became startled, and almost fainted herself. Li Xun Huan knew that she had never so much as stepped on an ant before! Now seeing her hurt someone, he didn't know whether to be sad or happy. But he suppressed those emotions and instead simply said, "Why the hell are you here again?"

Chapter 18: Many Surprises in One Day

Xin Mei immediately said, "Stop eating. Meditate to protect your vital organs."
Those monks didn't even know what's going on. They just smiled. "Is martial uncle ordering us?"
Xin Mei quickly said, "Of course. Can't you tell you've been poisoned?"
"Who's poisoned?"

Chapter 19: Impossible to Explain

Li Xun Huan said, "If you want my life, why don't you come out and take it?"
Five Poison Kid said, "I don't need to show myself to kill you."
"Until today, I've killed three hundred and ninety two people. Not only did none of them ever see me, they couldn't even see my shadow."

Chapter 20: A Person's Heart is Hard to See

Li Xun Huan smiled. "Shaolin really is different from those ordinary, view-life-as-nothing sects. Otherwise, how could my little trick work so well?"