Book 3

Last update: Wednesday 18 January 2006

Chapters 21-30

Chapter 21: In Jail

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Before Black-White Piece could figure out his mistake, his wrist was already seized. In a hurry, he rotated his wrist to grab back while pulling his arm back, and then swiftly kicked out with his left foot.

Chapter 22: Escape

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Ren Woxing picked up the wine kettle and filled a cup with wine. "It's fate that have brought us here together." Said he, "If you agree with my suggestion, then please drink up this cup of wine."

Chapter 23: Ambush

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Yilin turned around hurriedly and stuck out her hand. Linghu Chong reached over and held on to her hand. Yilin pulled hard upwards, and after several embarrassing stumbles, Linghu Chong finally regained his balance. Several female apprentices behind him simply could not help giggling.

Chapter 24: Blame

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In the picture, Monk Dame's right hand was placed behind his back, and the index finger of his right hand pointed at the ceiling. The gray-haired old man struck out towards the ceiling with both of his palms aiming at the exact spot Damo had pointed at.

Chapter 25: Information

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After several drinks of wine, the down and out Great Mr. Mo suddenly changed into someone cheerful and confident, and kept calling for more wine. But his tolerance was far less than Linghu Chong. After several bowl more, his face had become scarlet.

Chapter 26: Besiege the Temple

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Two days later, the mob arrived at Shaolin Temple on Mount Shaoshi. The mob had grown to the size of over five thousand people. Loud drumbeats from hundreds of huge drums thumped all together with earthshaking power.

Chapter 27: Three Fights

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Great Master Fangzheng's hand moves were completely unpredictable. Every time when he struck out, while the hand was still on the way to the target, it had already switched into several positions. Ren Woxing's hand moves were quite simply. When he struck out or pull the hand back, it always looked stiff.

Chapter 28: Snowmen

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"I want to write some words on these four snowmen," said Yue Lingshan. She drew her sword and started writing on the snowmen with the sword tip.

Chapter 29: Head Master

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The four senior apprentices handed over the Buddhism instruments one by one. They were a book of Buddhism, a wooden fish, a string of beads, and a short sword. Seeing the wooden fish and the beads, Linghu Chong felt quite embarrassed.

Chapter 30: Secret Meeting

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Linghu Chong, Fangzheng and Chongxu walked onto the suspension bridge. The bridge was only several feet wide. When one walked on the bridge, looked at the emptiness in all direction, and enjoyed the clouds flowing by under, it almost seemed to be in heaven. In such a wonderful spot, all three enjoyed the ease of mind!