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The Legendary Siblings

Last update: Monday 18 September 2006

book juedaishuangjiao

aka: Jue Dai Shuang Jiao [绝代双骄], Jyut Doi Seung Giu [絶代雙驕], Tuyệt Đại Song Kiêu, Tuyet Dai Song Kieu, Pendekar Binal, The Proud Twins.

First translated by Athena and Wubbles.

Continued by Bubeng and Jean.

Work-in-progress (about 52%).


Written in 1967, the 127-chapter Legendary Siblings was a milestone in Gu Long's career that marked the dawn of a more mature style of writing and the subsequent creation of renowned works such as the Chu Liuxiang [楚留香] and Lu Xiaofeng [陆小凤] series, as well as Meteor, Butterfly, Sword [流星蝴蝶剑].


The Legendary Siblings begins with Hua Yuenü, a maid at the Floral Palace, eloping with Jiang Feng, the most handsome and suave young man in the martial arts world. The couple managed to have twin sons before they (Hua Yuenü and Jiang Feng) were hunted down and killed. One of their infant sons was taken away by the Floral Palace, while the other was rescued by Jiang Feng's best friend, Yan Nantian.

Unfortunately, Yan Nantian soon became trapped and incapacitated in the Evil Valley. As a result, the infant whom he had rescued ended up being raised by Ten Malevolents who lived in the valley. They named the child Xiao Yu'er, or Little Fish. On the other hand, the other infant grew up in the Floral Palace and was named Hua Wuque, or Flawless Flower.

Yan Nantian finally found a cure for his incapacity twenty years later, and left the Evil Valley to seek Princess Yaoyue of the Floral Palace in revenge of Jiang Feng's death. Not knowing that Hua Wuque was also Jiang Feng's son, Yan allowed Xiao Yu'er enter into a death-duel with his brother....


The translators who have worked on this novel are:

  • Athena: Section 1, Parts 1-10.
  • Wubbles: Section 2, Chapters 23-36.
  • Bubeng: Section 2, Chapters 37-42.
  • Jean: Section 2, Chapter 43 onwards.

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The Translation

The translation of The Legendary Siblings is organised into two sections, as shown below.

Section 1

Last update: Saturday 30 July 2005

This covers Chapters 1-22 of the common edition.

Translation complete.

Section 2

Last update: Monday 21 August 2006

This covers Chapters 23 and beyond, from the common edition.