Section 1

Last update: Saturday 30 July 2005

This covers Chapters 1-22 of the common edition.

Translation complete.


The contents in this section was translated by Athena, with an older edition of The Legendary Siblings as the reference text.  There were only 60 chapters in this edition, compared to 127 in the newer and more commonly available one, due to the breaking of lengthy chapters into shorter ones.

Hence, Parts 1-10 below correspond to Chapters 1-22 in the common edition.

Part 1 - Orphans

This idea may be strange but it is very useful. The best part is that they are twins, but one of them is wounded now on his face. When he grows up, he will be bound to look a bit different now. So nobody will know the truth behind this, they will become each others enemies.

Part 2 - The Peerless Celestial Sword

"It is said that he holds a sword given by an immortal, slicing metal like butter and it gives light during the night."

Part 3 - The Valley of Evil

Everyone thought that the Valley of Evil must be a dark place, but the opposite was true. It was very bright, but it did not make the valley less mysterious and frightning. In fact it made look more dangerous, what kind of place is the Valley of Evil?

Part 4 - The Spared Little Fish

“Not any demon, the world’s most evil demon. Think about it, if he can learn every dirty trick of everyone in this valley nobody can be more evil, vicious, ruthless than he is.”

Part 5 - Life Outside The Valley

Xiao Yu’er looked at the entire scene from afar, his face lightened with excitement and his eyes flashed with enthusiasm, such an impressive scene…the world is an impressive place!

Part 6 - The Little Fairy Punishing The Evil

“Yes, I have. But you and your brothers are not worthy enough to claim that map! If you think I came here to escape you, you are sadly wrong!”

Part 7 - Shock and Fear

“When you’ve heard this name, you should not forget it. He was the most famous swordsman of the realm, even till now nobody can match his swordsmanship.”

Part 8 - The Azure Serpent Lord

The man wore azure brocade; he blended in with the leaves. He was skinny and tall and he curved his body to hide in the tree, it seemed that he did not have a bone in his body. Those beady little eyes of his stared at Xiao Yu’er, he really resembled a snake, a venomous snake.

Part 9 - Trapped In Ice

“Up till now, there are six maps. One treasure and six maps, that is very strange.”

Part 10 - Unexpected Turn

The two girls did not pay any attention to it and when the swords were near them, they waved their hands and redirected the swords. Nobody could exactly see how they did that, but the swords were redirected back. The Taoist priest on the left stabbed his sword into the shoulder of the Taoist priest on the right and the Taoist priest on the right side had hacked off the hair bun of the Taoist priest on the left.

They could not lift their hands anymore; they were too terrified and shocked.

Even Wang Yizhua, Buddhist monk Huangji were stunned.