Chapter 7 : Madame Hai Tang

They heard a voice saying:"The flower isn't a flower. The fog isn't a fog. After being heart-broken the only thing that remains...."
The four men quickly left this place, Yu Peiyu loudly asked:"Is Madame Hai Tang here? Thank you for helping me."


Yu Peiyu went to meet Madame Hai Tang later on that night. When he arrived at the spot he saw Madame Hai Tang waiting for him. He looked around and didn't see anyone else. Yu Peiyu was a bit disappointed that Lin Daiyu wasn't here.

Madame Hai Tang smiled:"It is a lovely night. I am very fortunate to be in your company."

Yu Peiyu sat down and poured some wine and drank three cups. He laughed and said:"You're right, life is short we should enjoy wine and song. It is indeed a great honour to be in your company too, Madame Hai Tang."

Yu Peiyu wasn't really such a carefree man, but after all he had been through he is now much more mature and understands life and death better.

Madame Hai Tang stared at him and said:"Do you know that I am very interested in you?"

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Interested in me?"

Madame Hai Tang gazed at him with her enchanting eyes and said:"Everything about you is a mystery. For example, who are you? Where are you from? And to which martial arts school do you belong?"

Yu Peiyu sighed:"I'm just a wanderer. Even I don't know the answers to your questions, Madame."

Madame Hai Tang smiled sweetly:"Seems to me that you've been through a lot. And that at such a young age."

Yu Peiyu said casually:"Some people have to endure so much in a month, that other people perhaps in a entire lifetime can not perceive."

Madame Hai Tang giggled:"Well said! But at least tell me your name."

Yu Peiyu said:"My name is Yu Peiyu."

Madame Hai Tang stopped laughing and asked again:"Yu Peiyu?"

Yu Peiyu asked:"Is there something wrong with this name? Something ominous?"

Madame Hai Tang smiled again:"I find it rather amusing...Yu Peiyu is attending the funeral of Yu Peiyu. Don't you think that is funny?"

She gazed at Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu calmly replied:"It is not uncommon to have the same name. A Yu Peiyu died, but there still another Yu Peiyu alive."

Madame Hai Tang asked:"Are you certain that you are not the same Yu Peiyu?"

Yu Peiyu answered:"Madame, do you think I am the spirit of the late Yu Peiyu?"

Madame Hai Tang smiled:"The first time I saw you, I did notice you were not from this world."

Yu Peiyu didn't answer.

Madame Hai Tang continued:"You came from nowhere, suddenly you just appeared. No one knows anything about you."

Yu Peiyu said:"You have been investigating me?"

Madame Hai Tang said sweetly:"No women in the realm can resist not to be interested in a man like you. And I am a woman."

Yu Peiyu laughed:"Madame, you are not just any woman. You're the woman amongst women, the fairy amongst the fairies."

Madame Hai Tang said:"But you are not interested in me. I walked by you and you didn't even look at me. Isn't that strange?"

Madame Hai Tang may look very innocent and weak but she is everything but those two things. Her every word has been full of suspicion and distrust.

Yu Peiyu said with surprise:"Madame, how can you say that?"

Madame Hai Tang said:"Why did you just stare at the girl next to me? She wore a veil, you couldn't see her face. Could it be that you met her before?"

Yu Peiyu asked:"Who..who is she?"

Madame Hai Tang laughed:"Don't lie to me. I knew from the beginning you are the dead Yu Peiyu. I should tell you, nobody has been able to fool me before."

Indeed this beautiful woman was very sharp and cunning.

Yu Peiyu smiled lightly:"Nobody wants to lie to you, Madame. Nobody can tell lies in front of a beautiful lady."

Madame Hai Tang asked:"And what about you?"

Yu Peiyu said:"I think belong to those people too."

Madame Hai Tang laughed:"Good! Very good!"

She clapped her hands and a girl walked out. She looked ever so sad but also very pretty.

Yu Peiyu of course knew that this girl was his fiancee, Lin Daiyu.

Madame Hai Tang looked at him and asked:"Do you recognize her?"

Yu Peiyu replied calmly:"No, I don't."

It took Yu Peiyu a lot of effort to say those words calmly. After he said it he drank a cup of wine.

Madame Hai Tang turned to Lin Daiyu and asked:"Do you recognize him?"

Lin Daiyu answered coldly:"No, I don't know this man."

It pained Yu Peiyu to hear these words.

Madame Hai Tang finally sighed softly:"Well it seems that you don't recognize her. You're not that Yu Peiyu. If a man doesn't even acknowledge his own wife he might as well be dead, don't you think so?"

Yu Peiyu's heart was bleeding but he smiled:"Madame, you're very right. Let us drink to our heart's contend."

He poured another cup and drank and didn't look at Lin Daiyu anymore.

Madame Hai Tang said:"You're drunk now."

Yu Peiyu said:"Never mind, let us drink heartily."

Madame Hai Tang smiled:"When you're drunk nothing matters anymore. Drink up."

Yu Peiyu is quite capable of handling liquor but this wine is quite strong. After a few cups he already felt a bit woozy.

Madame Hai Tang gently said:"Just rest! If the next time you want to get drunk you can always look for me."

Yu Peiyu thought he saw a group of men in a daze but wasn't sure. And he could hear the voice of Madame Hai Tang saying:"This Yu Peiyu is a newcomer in Wulin, do all of you believe me."

Wulin is a dangerous place, a lot of people are suspicious of newcomers. Fortunately Madame Hai Tang dealt with these people otherwise Yu Peiyu was again in a lot of trouble.

Yu Peiyu wanted to thank her but was too drunk to speak anymore.

He could hear Madame Hai Tang saying:"This young man is my guest. From now on he will always be a friend of the Baihua Association. I hope you can leave him alone in the future too."

When Yu Peiyu woke up everyone was gone, only some birds were chirping.

Suddenly he saw another pretty girl standing there looking at him. It wasn't Lin Daiyu or Madame Hai Tang.

It was the twin sister of Ji Lingfeng, Lingyan.

Ji Lingyan said:"Our little swallow has woken up. Why do you have to drink wine? There are lots of other nice drinks in the world."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"The worries of man. You won't understand Miss Robin."

Ji Lingyan sighed too:"Do you know that the robin has problems too?"

Yu Peiyu asked:"What kind of problems?"

Ji Lingyan was crying:"There is a lot of blood in my nest. I don't want to stay there anymore. Where can I go?"

She held Yu Peiyu's hand and begged:"Please take me with you. I will always follow you."

Yu Peiyu suddenly thought of something and sternly asked:"How did you know who I am? And why do want to come with me?"

Ji Lingyan said:"I recognize your eyes, you have very nice eyes. And you are very brave. Furthermore you look like a swallow, you're different from other men and that is why I like you."

Yu Peiyu thought:This girl is mentally handicapped her other senses must be stronger than other people. It isn't strange that she saw through me.

Yu Peiyu was silent for awhile and said:"I am going to very dangerous places and a lot of people might want to harm you."

Ji Lingyan said:"But you can protect me, right?"

She stared at Yu Peiyu with her pretty eyes filled with hope and entreaty, how can anyone say no to such a sweet girl.

Yu Peiyu sighed:"I really cannot deny your

request. But I cannot even guarantee my own safety, how can I protect you."

Ji Lingyan smiled sweetly:"I knew you would take me along."

Yu Peiyu walked in front and she followed him to everywhere. However even Yu Peiyu didn't know where he should go.

All of a sudden four men swiftly advanced towards them. Judging from their levels of art of levitation they were advanced martial artists.

These men were Lin Shoujuan, Wang Yuluo, Ximen Feng and Shen Yinqiang.

They looked at Yu Peiyu viciously, Wang Yuluo was the first one to speak:"Are you Yu Peiyu?"

Yu Peiyu calmly replied:"Yes, I am Yu Peiyu. May I ask who all of your are, sirs?

And what can I do for all of you?"

The four of them carefully observed him and couldn't find anything amiss with this Yu Peiyu. But they didn't know that everything that has happened has made Yu Peiyu only stronger.

Wang Yuluo laughed:"Young master Yu, you're a newcomer in Wulin and you are highly respected by Madame Hai Tang.

But please forgive us for being rude, but I would like to see your martial arts."

Yu Peiyu laughed loudly and said:"After hearing Madame Hai Tang's words you are still a bit suspicious. So you want me to display my martial arts and you can confirm whether I am the dead Yu Peiyu."

Wang Yuluo smiled:"Nowadays a lot of people are well-versed in the art of disguise, young master Yu."

Yu Peiyu asked:"Can't you just see whether I am wearing a disguise?"

Wang Yuluo answered:"The art of disguise has many different variations. Because we cannot be certain whether you're wearing a disguise we have to test young master Yu in a different way."

Yu Peiyu asked:"May I ask why the deceased young master Yu is so important to all of you? Even when he is dead you seem to be very interested in him."

Wang Yuluo was a bit annoyed now and loudly said:"After young master Yu has displayed your martial arts, you will understand."

Wang Yuluo readied his sword and stabbed out. This stance was called "The Dragon Lifting His Head." This was a stance of the real Wang Yuluo's martial arts.

And this Wang Yuluo was able to display this technique excellently.

However Yu Peiyu couldn't fight him because the martial arts of the Xiantian Wuji School are quite different and easily recognized. If he fought this man his cover will be blown.

Suddenly Wang Yuluo's sword was intercepted by a short sword. His hand felt numb after exchanging stances with this person.

He saw it was the girl who was standing next to Yu Peiyu.

Ji Lingyan smiled:"He is a good man I cannot allow you to bully him."

Wang Yuluo asked her:"Miss, who are you? Why do you fight his battles?"

Ji Lingyan smiled:"My father and my sister love to kill people. Although I have never killed anyone before but I won't allow mean men bully my friends."

She attacked Wang Yuluo with her two short swords.

Her movements were gentle and elegant but her techniques were fast and ruthless.

Yu Peiyu was surprised to see this innocent girl display such vicious sword techniques.

At this point she already attacked Wang Yuluo with 49 stances. The two swords formed a perfect match and forced Wang Yuluo only to defend.

Lin Shoujuan who was also a famous swordsman was amazed to see her skills.

She stopped her attacks and smiled:"Everyone says that my stances are very ruthless, is that true?"

Wang Yuluo smiled wryly:"Very good techniques."

He looked at Yu Peiyu and Ji Lingyan for a moment and turned around and left.

The other three men followed.

Ji Lingyan said to Yu Peiyu:"Shall we go too?"

Yu Peiyu sighed:"You wanted me to protect you but it is you that is protecting me. I underestimated you and I never thought you would know such superior martial arts."

Ji Lingyan smiled:"You're saying my martial arts is good too. My birds say that too. They told me when robin has learnt martial arts she won't be afraid of eagles anymore. Wore those men eagles?"

On their way she kept telling her adventures with birds. This bird did that, that bird was in love with the other bird.

Yu Peiyu was amused and it made their walk very interesting.

For days they walked, Ji Lingyan would always ask questions. Yu Peiyu always took the time and patience to answer her questions.

They two of them were quite a pair, sometimes Ji Lingyan would do silly things and Yu Peiyu often would nicely reproach her. But she would often pout and Yu Peiyu was there to make her happy again, a lot of passer-bys were envious of their relationship.

During one night Ji Lingyan already slept and Yu Peiyu went out for a stroll. They were staying at a small inn.

He was looking at the flowers and was thinking of Lin Daiyu. He felt sad when he thought of her and sighed.

When suddenly four swords stabbed towards him.

These four men wore black robes and used a black cloth to hide their face. You could only see their eyes.

His attackers weren't out to kill him, they wanted Yu Peiyu to display his martial arts.

Yu Peiyu now had a few flesh wounds, but still didn't counter-attacked. The four men were even more suspicious now, one of them said:"Just kill him."

Another man replied:"Yes, you're right! We cannot permit any risks."

Yu Peiyu knew who these men were but deliberately said:"Who are you? If you want to fight me at least reveal yourselves and challenge me as a man. I only fight with real men not with ambushing scoundrels."

The third man said:"If you don't defend, DIE!"

They changed their attacks now and if Yu Peiyu didn't counter-attack he will die very soon.

A red fog appeared between Yu Peiyu and his attackers, the four men stopped their attacks and knew there was something strange about this fog.

They heard a voice saying:"The flower isn't a flower. The fog isn't a fog. After being heart-broken the only thing that remains...."

The four men quickly left this place, Yu Peiyu loudly asked:"Is Madame Hai Tang here? Thank you for helping me."

A figure appeared but it wasn't Madame Hai Tang but Lin Daiyu.

Yu Peiyu was startled to see her but tried not to reveal his identity or emotions. He spoke first:"It is you, Miss. Thank you for saving me."

She waved her hand and coldly said:"Why are you called Yu Peiyu?"

Yu Peiyu didn't know how to answer this remark.

She continued:"I suggest you would change your name, this name is very ominous. It will only draw unnecessary trouble. Although I have orders from my mistress to save you, but I can't save you all the time."

After being silent for awhile Yu Peiyu asked:"I think there is also another reason, right?"

She said:"Yes there is another reason.

Now that he is dead I don't want to hear his name again."

Yu Peiyu said:"But I...."

She interrupted him:"You are unworthy to carry his name."

She walked away after saying this, Yu Peiyu just stood there. He was very hurt, the woman he loves treats him this coldly.

After pondering for some time he walked back, he saw a short old man walking this way he had a long white beard.

The old man had a funny smile on his face, Yu Peiyu thought he looked familiar but couldn't remember where he met this man before.

He was holding a painting in his hand and showed it to Yu Peiyu. He asked:"Look! Can you tell me what I have painted."

Yu Peiyu looked at the painting and saw that the mountains didn't look like mountains and the clouds didn't look like clouds. It looked more like the old man spilled his ink on the paper.

Yu Peiyu shook his head:"I can't tell."

The old man said:"It is the mountain up ahead, do you see?"

Yu Peiyu looked at the painting and compared it to the mountain and saw it looked a bit like it. He laughed:"Now I see it."

The old man was laughing loudly too, Yu Peiyu saw that the old man was laughing very happily. And couldn't help ask:"Why are you laughing?"

The old man clapped his hands and said:"I succeeded!"

Yu Peiyu asked:"In what?"

The old man said:"I finally managed to capture the essence of the mountain in my painting."

Yu Peiyu laughed:"This painting has captured the essence of the mountain?"

The old man explained:"It is a mountain but I drew it so it wouldn't look like a mountain. But if you look carefully it is a mountain. Although I didn't give it the form of the mountain, I managed to put the essence of the mountain in my painting."

Yu Peiyu pondered over the man's theory and softly said:"Not many people will understand the essence of this painting."

The old man clapped:"Other people may not see it, but I can. If I painted the mountain it will appear like a mountain to me. In my eyes and in my heart I know I painted a mountain. The beautiful part is I understand it but other people do not."

After saying this he laughed happily again and left.

He softly repeated those words to himself and thought long about the old man's words.

And he remembered one of teachings of his father about martial arts:"Peiyu, if you put too much attention and emphasis on the form and techniques of the sword, no matter how wonderful your stances are it won't be the highest level. The martial arts of Xiantian Wuji places emphasis on the intention and not the form, evolve beyond the mere form of stances and techniques. Enter the world of no boundaries and no extremes, yin and yang becoming one. Simplicity over complex, when you understand this theory you have mastered the art of the sword."

He sat under a tree and pondered over the words of his father and the silly old man. He began to understand it now he picked up a branch and used it as a sword.

In his heart he was thinking of the stance "No Boundaries On Heaven And Earth" of the Xiantian Wuji swordsmanship. But his movements were not matching the movements of this stance.

This stance was "No Boundaries On Heaven And Earth" but the form of it didn't match that of "No Boundaries On Heaven And Earth." But it contained the essence of "No Boundaries On Heaven And Earth."

If you have forms in your martial arts your adversary might be able to spot a flaw and defeat you. However when you only show the intentions of your swordsmanship and have no form, how can your opponent see through your martial arts and flaws and defeat you.

Yu Peiyu was very happy when he finally figured it out and screamed:"I have it! I understand now!"

Ji Lingyan walked towards him and asked:"What do you understand?"

She woke up and didn't see Yu Peiyu and decided to look for him and found him screaming happily.

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Didn't your friends the little birds tell you?"

Ji Lingyan shook her head:"They don't understand either."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"Well, if they don't understand you can tell them it doesn't matter. But if they do understand they won't have to fear those eagles anymore."

Ji Lingyan smiled:"They say you're right. But they also say that eagles are frightening but humans are more frightening."

Yu Peiyu sighed:"Yes, they are right."

They walked back to the inn, and when they entered their room they saw three old men sitting on a bed.

One of those old man was bald but had a white long beard and had a ruddy complexion.

Yu Peiyu recognized this old man as the best secretive weaponry expert of the realm the leader of the Tang Clan in Sichuan province. The famous Unparalleled Old Man Tang Wushuang. On the bed were 20 odd small daggers, forks and such, these little weapons were feared by everyone in Wulin, the famous poisonous secretive weaponry of the Tang Clan.

The other two men were Ximen Feng and Wang Yuluo, of course now they have removed their black robes and black veils.

Yu Peiyu took a deep breath and said to Ji Lingyan:"Never guessed that we would have such esteemed visitors."

The bald old man observed Yu Peiyu with his brilliant sharp eyes for a while.

He turned to Wang Yuluo and Ximen Feng and asked:"This is the man, you were talking about."

Wang Yuluo respectfully answered:"Yes, he is."

Tang Wushuang said:"Very well! I will test him."

He snapped his five fingers and ten odd secretive weapons flew up towards Yu Peiyu.

Immediately afterwards he waved with his hand another ten odd weapons flew up towards Yu Peiyu.

There were still seven, eight secretive weapons left on the bed.

This Tang Wushuang had secretive weapons concealed almost everywhere and could use them at any time.

All those secretive weapons had different shapes and different functions.

But these twenty odd weapons came from all different directions. The force of those weapons was similar to twenty odd martial arts experts storming at Yu Peiyu simultaneously with their weapons.

Yu Peiyu had never saw such an excellent display of secretive weaponry before.

Yu Peiyu still had the branch in his hand and closed his eyes and used the stance "No Boundaries On Heaven And Earth." He applied the theory he just understood.

And everyone couldn't grasp his technique and only vaguely saw him drawing two circles in the air.

They heard a series of tak, tak, tak

all those secretive weapons were stuck on the branch.

Tang Wushuang praised:"Good swordsmanship!"

He patted Wang Yuluo on the shoulder and asked:"Well, I have tested him. Could you see to which school he belongs?"

Wang Yuluo said in a disappointing manner:"No I couldn't."

Tang Wushuang laughed loudly:"Not even I have seen such swordplay in more than these twenty years that I have roamed Wulin. But I tell you this the Xiantian Wuji School doesn't have such superb stances."

Wang Yuluo agreed with him.

Tang Wushuang smiled:"I knew from the beginning that this young master Yu isn't that Yu Peiyu. If he was really that Yu Peiyu in disguise would he really use the same name."

Wang Yuluo apologized:"Young master Yu, please forgive us for being rude."

Yu Peiyu smiled:"It doesn't matter, I just..."

Suddenly the door opened and the waiter barged in. His eyes were red and was panting heavily. He looked very angry and mean.

Ji Lingyan screamed and hid behind Yu Peiyu.

The waiter stormed towards them and Ximen Feng used his leg to kick the chair next to the bed to the waiter.

But the waiter used his fist to smash the chair and everyone was surprised that this mere waiter had such a strength.

Wang Yuluo drew his sword and stabbed the waiter. The waiter didn't avoid it and even stormed towards the tip.

The sword pierced through his chest and Wang Yuluo used his leg to kick him away.

The blood splattered on his hand.

Wang Yuluo frowned:"What has happened to this waiter? Has he gone mad?.."

Before he could say anything else Tang Wushuang drew a short sabre from his girdle and chopped off his hand.

Wang Yuluo screamed in pain and fainted.

Ximen Feng was scared and surprised and asked:"Master Tang, what.."

Tang Wushuang quickly explained:"The waiter was poisoned by people from the Heavenly Silkworm Sect. Not only will he go mad but his blood will become a strong poison. Whoever comes in contact with this blood will be poisoned too. I quickly chopped off his hand before the poison travelled through his body. If not he will rot away and die horribly."

Ximen Feng broke out in a cold sweat and stuttered:"This....this one of the infamous seven great demonic skills of the...the Heavenly Silkworm Sect, the Demon Corpse And Blood Goblin Spell. That means there are people from the Heavenly Silkworm Sect here."

Yu Peiyu was also a bit frightened by his words and looked at the chopped off hand and saw it turn into a pile of blood.

Yu Peiyu shivered and Tang Wushuang was also shivering and said loudly:"Are The Three Magnificent Flower Ladies here?"

There was a sweet laughter outside.

Tang Wushuang was even shivering worse now.

One of the most enchanting voices Yu Peiyu has ever heard said:"Master Tang is the smartest one of all these people here. Just in an instant you guessed right. We're here."

Tang Wushuang said loudly:"What business do you have here in the central plains?"

One of the sisters giggled:"We came here to China to pay a visit at your home. Unfortunately you weren't home and heard that you went to Lake Huang for the gathering. But we're too late for the gathering but at least we were able to meet you here."

The voice sounded very innocent but Tang Wushuang was very scared and held on to his short sabre and trembled. He said loudly:"What have you done at my manor?"

The voice replied:"Don't worry master Tang. We went to visit our brother-in-law, so we wouldn't dare to harm anyone of the Tang clan."

Tang Wushuang felt relieved but became very angry:"Who is your brother-in-law?"

The voice said:"Young master Tang is perhaps not the most handsome young man in the realm. But he and my eldest sister do seem to be a perfect pair. Don't you agree?"

Tang Wushuang angrily yelled:"Rubbish! No son of mine will take a witch as his wife! Not while I am around!"

The voice outside giggled:"But they are already married although without your consent. Why do have to separate them, master Tang?"

Tang Wushuang angrily yelled back:"That useless son of mine didn't know the background of that little witch. And he fell for her beauty, but now he won't take that woman as his wife!"

The voiced laughed:"I don't think so. Young master Tang is very dedicated to my sister. And my sister is very pretty and virtuous no man would give her up."

Tang Wushuang yelled:"I have made up my mind. You would be smart to leave this place now."

The voice asked:"So there is nothing we can do to change your mind, master Tang?"

Tang Wushuang replied:"Nothing and nobody can change my mind!"

The voice said:"I hope master Tang will not regret this choice."

Tang Wushuang angrily shouted:"Even if every member of the Tang clan has died he will not take that witch as his wife!"

The voice was silent for a moment but soon said:"Since I cannot convince you, we have to send for the matchmakers."

Yu Peiyu began to understand what this argument is about. It seems that a son of Tang Wushuang fell in love with the eldest sister of the Three Magnificent Flower Ladies. But Tang Wushuang forbid his son to take that eldest sister as his wife.

And now the three of them have come to force Tang Wushuang to acknowledge that relationship.

Yu Peiyu was curious who the matchmaker could be.

Suddenly a figure dashed through the window, the man looked awfully angry. He had a dark complexion and there were seven short sabres stuck into his body.

Ji Lingyan yelled and hid behind Yu Peiyu again.

The man stared at Tang Wushuang and there was blood coming out of the eyes of the man.

Ximen Feng was sweating heavily and trembled with fear.

Tang Wushuang exclaimed with fear:"The Seven Golden Sabres Turn Into Blood of The Demon Corpse and Blood Demon Spell!"

Suddenly the sabres flew out of the man's body, there were strings attached to the hilts of the sabres and when the ladies pulled the strings the sabres flew out and went back to them.

Seven spurts of blood shot out, Tang Wushuang picked up Wang Yuluo and threw him out of the window and he swiftly leapt through the window too.

Yu Peiyu struck out with his palm, the force of his palm dispersed the spurts away from him.

Ximen Feng leapt up and clung onto the beam on the roof. He was a bit too slow and some drops of blood landed on his body. He bit his teeth and drew a knife and cut off the flesh which was infected.

The blood had a disgusting black colour and coloured the walls of the room black.

Yu Peiyu frowned and leapt out of the window and wanted to confront them.

Tang Wushuang warned him:"Young master Yu, be careful!"

Ji Lingyan smiled:"No one can harm him."

Yu Peiyu saw five people lying under a tree, sleeping. They must have fallen victim to the Three Magnificent Flower Ladies.

He also saw three beautiful young women standing there wearing cloaks.

The three wore tiaras with flower motifs.

The girl who wore a golden tiara looked worried and sad, she must be that eldest sister.

The second girl wore a silver tiara, she looked sexy and seductive.

The third girl looked very pretty and innocent.

These three sisters were the infamous experts of the Heavenly Silkworm Sect.

The three sisters were staring at Yu Peiyu too.

The girl with the iron tiara spoke first:"My word, what a dashing young man! I wonder what you are doing here? I hope not seducing any poor woman?"

Yu Peiyu said calmly:"I came here to encounter your capabilities in killing."

Iron Blossom smiled:"Killing? Killing is such a nasty habit it will do our beauty no good. I have never killed before, do you regularly kill people?"

This girl pretended to be sweet and innocent, and looked very convincing. It is hard to imagine that she and her other two sisters were capable of using such vicious methods of killing.

Yu Peiyu was a bit annoyed and said:"I believe those two men died at hands of you."

Iron Blossom looked very surprise and innocent and said:"Were those men killed? We didn't kill them. I thought you did."

Yu Peiyu said with surprise:"Me?"

Iron Blossom said:"When they entered your room they were alive, but now they're dead. So you've must have killed them when they were in your room."

Yu Peiyu was angered that someone would so easily fake innocence and kill randomly.

Iron Blossom sighed:"I know you must have your reasons for killing them. But the next time you're angry you should not kill innocent people anymore."

Yu Peiyu couldn't retort that and didn't know what to say to this girl.

She smiled and took out a handkerchief and walked towards Yu Peiyu and said:"If you're still feeling unhappy you should go with me. I will make you very happy."

And she waved her handkerchief in front of Yu Peiyu.

She walked back to her spot and turned around and saw Yu Peiyu didn't follow her.

The handkerchief contained a powerful powder that could intoxicate people. She was startled that Yu Peiyu wasn't intoxicated.

This was also one of the seven famous skills of the Heavenly Silkworm Sect, namely "The Soul Catching Handkerchief."

Numerous famous heroes have fallen victim to this skill, Iron Blossom was surprised to see Yu Peiyu unaffected.

Iron Blossom smiled:"Well, aren't you arrogant?"

A voice further up ahead said:"If you follow

us, we will do our best to entertain you."

The voice sounded very seductive and sexy. Few men in the world could resist the temptation.

And Iron Blossom said:"I know you won't resist us."

Yu Peiyu calmly said:"No, I will not go."

Silver Blossom (the second sister) said:"Are you really that unwilling?"

She moved her hands seductively over her body, every movement was filled with temptation.

Yu Peiyu didn't respond he just glared at her casually. That was his answer.

Silver Blossom sighed:"But why are you just standing there?"

Yu Peiyu laughed:"I just want to see what martial arts skills the three ladies have."

Silver Blossom's face changed and said:"Very well!"

The three sisters spinned and their cloaks were removed. They only wore a very thin undergarment you could practically see their bodies.

And they performed a very sexual dance, every movement was like calling out to Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu didn't feel embarrassed and wasn't slightly impressed.

He looked at Golden Blossom and sighed:"Miss Golden Blossom, what would young master Tang think?"

She suddenly stopped these words pierced right through her heart.

However Silver Blossom giggled and lead the dance again.

They continued their seductive dance, every movement had a reference to sex.

Tang Wushuang warned Yu Peiyu:"Be careful! This is called "The Dance of the Seductive Demon."

Tang Wushuang kept his distance and didn't look at them. He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to compose himself and walk over to them.

But after awhile he was captivated by their panting and watched. The old man blushed and looked like he was going to storm over to them. Fortunately he was able to compose himself but couldn't keep his eyes on them.

Yu Peiyu was taught the ways of self-control and self-cultivation at a very young age by his father. And his level of cultivation was not inferior to abbot Tianyun of Shaolin and reverend Chuchen of Wudang.

But he suddenly noticed something while they were dancing around him they spun a web of very thin silk.

Normal people would be too captivated by their dance to see it. But Yu Peiyu was different.

Iron Blossom smiled:"Very sharp eyes!"

Yu Peiyu said:"All of you performed this dance just to spun this web."

Iron Blossom smiled:"Not really this dance of ours is a formidable skill itself. If you look at master Tang you will understand. If he wasn't the father of young master Tang, this number one secretive weapon expert was already...."

She giggled.

Yu Peiyu turned around and saw Tang Wushuang panting heavily and clutching to the wall.

Yu Peiyu was shocked to see this, he understood if the three sisters were using this dance against Tang Wushuang he would be dead right now.

She giggled for some time and sighed:"Unfortunately you're too stupid to understand our dance. That's why we spun this silver web around you."

Yu Peiyu said:"Silver web?"

Iron Blossom said:"Yes, it is made from our precious silkworms. It is very strong that's why we call it silver silk. Also there is a name for this web, namely the Web of Love."

Yu Peiyu said:"Web of Love... a very nice name."

Iron Blossom said:"If you entangled in the web of love you'll unable to move again. However you have too sharp eyes so we have use the web against you now."

Yu Peiyu knew that the Heavenly Silkworm Sect was very difficult to handle, he was also feeling a bit afraid now. But didn't show it.

He was now surrounded by the silk threads. Iron Blossom said:"If you surrender to us now we will make you very happy."

Yu Peiyu smiled lightly: "You have the web of love, but I have the sword of intelligence. As the saying goes:

The sword of intelligence will always cut through the web of love."

He still had the branch in his hands and those twenty odd secretive weapons were still stuck to it.

He channeled his internal power through the branch and a few of those secretive weapons flew out with incredible force toward the web.

Much more powerful than using your hands to throw them.

But all those secretive weapons were stuck into the web.

Yu Peiyu was surprised to see that and thought if a man was stuck into it he would be unable to move.

But then he thought his situation with Lin Daiyu. Wasn't he also entangled in another web of love.

He felt sad and said softly:"Web of love....web of love. A very good name."

Iron Blossom said happily:"Are going to give in now?"

Yu Peiyu didn't say anything and didn't hear her question.

Iron Blossom said:"If you don't surrender now, don't blame us!"

Yu Peiyu sighed:"If I am truly to die in this web I have no regrets."

Iron Blossom said:"Fine!"

She turned her hand and the web was closing in on Yu Peiyu.

Yu Peiyu was still in a trance and didn't see the coming danger.

Golden Blossom softly said:"Dying in the web of seems he also knows what love is....dying in the name of love. Such a grand death, is it not?"

Yu Peiyu laughed and recited a poem:"If one does not have it you will ponder, pondering makes one old and sad. After thinking for some time,....I feel that pondering is still the best..."

He used his stick to draw two circles in the air and all the remaining secretive weapons flew out and were stuck in the web.

Iron Blossom smiled:"Those worthless iron junk is useless against our web."

Yu Peiyu wielded the stick as a sword and stabbed out. Every stab was focused on the secretive weapons on the web, and every stab was filled with tremendous strength.

Iron Blossom's hand shook and couldn't retrieve the web, the web was also slowly being pulled away.

She exclaimed with surprise:"A very clever idea!"

This silver silk is very sticky material, when you're stuck in it. It is impossible to break free from it.

If Yu Peiyu used his stick directly on the web it would get stuck to the web. Even if he pierced a hole into the web he himself would be stuck in the web.

But he first used the secretive weapons to hit the web first and used the stick to hit the weapons. So his branch won't get stuck.

This may sound very simple but if you're not intelligent enough you will never think of this idea. This branch is truly the sword of intelligence.

Every stance was generated with his internal strength and the web was slowly being punctured by the secretive weapons.


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