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White Horse in the West Wind

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006


aka: Bai Ma Xiao Xi Feng [白马啸西风], Baak Ma Siu Sai Fung [白馬嘯西風], Bạch Mã Khiếu Tây Phong, Bach Ma Khieu Tay Phong, Kuda Putih Menghimbau Angin Barat, White Horse Neighing in the West Wind.

Translated by Junzi.

Work-in-progress (about 80%).

A Reader's Comment:

  • "Wow... I just found this translation and read all of what there is so far and... it's great. Before this, I wasn't even aware that Jin Yong wrote such a story as this, teehee. Thank you, Junzi, for such an excellent translation!" - Aristyar, spcnet.tv/forums.

More Readers' Comments

  • "I have seen the 70's adaptation many years ago starring David Chiang Dai Wai, but I cannot recall most of the plot except for the opening scene and the ending. Reading [this] translation has rekindled some very fond memories of this very old adaptation, which was one of the first series I have seen." - Comet, spcnet.tv/forums.
  • "I like the love between Su Pu and Li Wen Xiu very much. It is sweet, innocent and truthful, but I don't think it is the love between a couple, and more of the affection between two young children. However, if they had been allowed to grow up together, I don't think A'man could have had any chance to be be the third person. If you think it is heartbreaking to this now, wait till you get to the part where they meet again. And I like Old Man Ji the best!" - Charbydis, spcnet.tv/forums.
  • "I love this story! LWX is a very tragic character.... her story is so heart wrenching. It just fills me with an overwhelming sense of sadness as I read this." - shootingst8r, spcnet.tv/forums.

Chapter 1

Hatred hidden in her heart for years burst out suddenly, and she thought, “Father and Mama were killed by them. I’ll lure them into the Great Gobi and we’ll perish together, exchanging my life for the lives of five bandits. After all...... after all…… there is no pleasure in living.” Her eyes filled with tears. Without any hesitation, she urged the white horse to gallop towards the west.

Chapter 2

But even if they spoke very loudly, Li Wenxiu heard but paid no attention for she was not eavesdropping on their lovers’ prattle. It was as if she saw a little boy and a little girl before her eyes, sitting shoulder to shoulder on the grass like they were doing now. The little boy was Su Pu, but the little girl was herself. They were telling stories, but as to what stories they were, she had long forgotten, but the scene from ten years ago still appeared clearly before her eyes...

Chapter 3 (end)

He had hated Hans his entire life, but now this belief was wavering. He was furious at himself for being so drunk last night and was thus unable to battle with that Han bandit. Instead, he needed another Han to come and rescue him. In his entire life, when something critical happened, he was always so unfortunate, always so unlucky. But when that bandit’s long sword had struck his head just now, that young man had arrived in the nick of time to rescue him. Could this be considered misfortune? Could this be considered bad luck?