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Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils

Last update: Saturday 11 November 2006


aka: DGSD, Tian Long Ba Bu [天龙八部], Tin Lung Baat Bou [天龍八部], Thiên Long Bát Bộ, Thien Long Bat Bo, Pendekar-Pendekar Dari Negeri Tayli, Eight Units of Heaven and Dragon, Heaven Dragon: The Eighth Episode.

Translated by Moinllieon (Work-in-progress) .
Now with Chapter Summaries by Huang Yushi.

Updated *weekly* with Facts and Figures!

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Meaning of the original Chinese title Tian Long Ba Bu.

Facts and Figures

Last update: Saturday 11 November 2006

People, Places, Organisations, Martial Arts, Weapons, Objects ... and other details about "Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils". Entries are added in alphabetical order (unless indicated otherwise) as the review of the 3rd edition progresses.

24% done. Currently on: Chapter 13 (Book 2).

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Book 1

Last update: Monday 23 October 2006

Chapters 1 to 10; summaries complete!
The adventures -- and misadventures -- of a Dali prince ... or more.



A garment of green walks openheartedly among precarious peaks
A cliff of jade reflects the magnificence of the moon
A swift horse, a secluded fragrance
A high precipice, a faraway man
A figure finely marked by delicate steps.

Which family does the child come from, whose courtyard is it?
Without enumerating one's regrets, affection abounds
The tiger roars, the dragon bellows
The phoenix exchanges its nest with another fabulous bird
Swords of energy intersect intensely in bluish smoke.

Book 2

Last update: Sunday 29 October 2006

Chapters 11 to 20; summaries available.
A highly reputable man falls unceremoniously from grace.

水榭听香 指点群豪戏
杏子林中 商略平生义

胡汉恩仇 须倾英雄泪
情立雁门 绝壁无余字

Infatuated all along
Intoxicated from now on
In the water pavilion, the beauty directs the play of extraordinary men
Drinking a thousand cups is the affair of men
In the forest of apricots, the righteousness of a lifetime is outlined.

The accords of the past
The intentions of the present
The gratitudes and grievances of the foreign man, exhaust the tears of the hero
Though men in thousands upon ten thousands head for me
Affection stands at the Gate of Wild Geese, without any other words on the precipice.

Book 3

Last update: Wednesday 23 August 2006

Chapters 21 to 30.
A total unknown deciphers a chess array that has stumped people for decades.



A thousand 'li' seem as indistinct as a dream
A pair of eyes shine as bright as the stars
An empty promise is made with the cows and goats of the northern lands
An old alliance is found beside the candle and amidst the hair
In the hazy mistiness, a journey is taken through the snow.

To kill the bear and seize the tiger with one's bare hands
To sweep away bandits and battle armies with one's golden halberd
The grass and trees have a wretched existence, a skull is cast in iron
The legless creature of legend has a coagulating chill, a palm brings forth ice
To be scattered and sprinkled that outstanding men be bound.

Book 4

Last update: Saturday 05 August 2006

Chapters 31 to 40.

Book 5

Last update: Saturday 05 August 2006

Chapters 41 to 50 (end).

Third edition changes

Jin Yong revised and published the third edition of Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils in 2005. Here are the most significant changes.