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Facts and Figures

Last update: Saturday 11 November 2006

People, Places, Organisations, Martial Arts, Weapons, Objects ... and other details about "Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils". Entries are added in alphabetical order (unless indicated otherwise) as the review of the 3rd edition progresses.

24% done. Currently on: Chapter 13 (Book 2).

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  • Very illuminating and enjoyable read. - Pacifian, spcnet.tv/forums.
  • I really enjoyed reading the F&F. It's as if I am reading highlights of the novel and it's so much fun. Thanks! - Htet Htet, hysbht.blogspot.com.
  • I read the Facts and Figures more (than the novels) actually. I use them like a mini-wuxia dictionary. - Linh Vu, wuxiapedia.com
  • [I] was just briefly glancing thru' the DGSD Facts and Figures... Keep up the good work! - Junzi, via email.

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FAQ about "Facts and Figures of DGSD"

Why is "such-and-such person" (or any other fact/figure) not listed, either in part or in full?

The Facts and Figures are compiled during the process of reviewing the 3rd edition of DGSD. A particular character (or place/organisation/etc) may be introduced in a certain chapter with a line of text or a surname, with other details appearing in later chapters. Therefore, any information about this character would only be presented (listed) as and when it appears in the novel.

Can the review of the 3rd edition text proceed any faster?

The 3rd edition text is being read concurrently with the one from the 2nd edition, in order to pick out the changes and developments that would be relevant to readers in general. Then, the selected text is translated into English with as little paraphrasing as possible. Consequently, the progress of the review can and will sometimes be slower than desired.

What is(are) the naming convention(s) for people in the Facts and Figures?

In general, the names of people are stated in full. Where a person is mentioned more than once in a particular paragraph, he/she may be referred to by his/her surname (last name), e.g. Duan Yu becomes 'Duan' and Mu Wanqing becomes 'Mu'. Where there are two people with the same surname in a particular paragraph, they may be referred to by their given names, e.g. Duan Yu becomes 'Yu' and Duan Yanqing becomes 'Yanqing'.

I have a question that is not addressed above. How can I get an answer?

Please send HYS an email or contact Wuxiapedia. We'd love to hear from you! :-D



Last update: Saturday 11 November 2006

The characters -- big, small, kind, evil and everyone in between -- who populated the world of DGSD.
With separate articles for key characters.


Last update: Saturday 11 November 2006

The locations -- real and fictitious -- in which DGSD took place.
With separate articles for key locations.


Last update: Saturday 11 November 2006

Schools, clans, societies -- and other establishments -- to which the characters of DGSD belonged.
With separate articles for key organisations.


Occasions that managed to gather, shock or otherwise impact a significant number of people from the realm of the rivers and lakes.

Martial Arts

Last update: Sunday 29 October 2006

The techniques and skills -- down-to-earth, legendary and everything in between -- that gave DGSD its kick! :-D

Martial Arts Comparisons

The strong, the weak -- and everyone in between -- among the pugilists of DGSD.

Martial Arts Skills Inventory

In other words: Who knows what? :-D


The objects -- swords, sabres, projectiles and almost everything else -- that were used as weapons in DGSD.


Things -- big and small, but all inaminate -- that attracted and distracted the characters of DGSD.


Strong and impressive, cute and cuddly, or slimy and gross -- here are the creatures of DGSD!

Drugs, Treatments and Bodily Matters

Powders and potions that made people tick, kick and sick in DGSD.

Culture and Lifestyle

Last update: Sunday 29 October 2006

Sugar, spice and everything nice about living in wuxia times, DGSD-style.

Other Details

Information that cannot be fitted into the above categories.