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Divine Eagle, Gallant Knight

Last update: Friday 25 August 2006


aka: Shen Diao Xia Lu [神雕侠侣], San Diu Haap Leui [神雕俠侶], Thần Ðiêu Hiệp Lu, Kembalinya Sang Pendekar Rajawali, Return of the Condor Heroes (ROCH)

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This novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha) is about the forbidden love between Yang Guo (杨过) and his master, Xiao Long Nü (小龙女). In the story, readers will find heroism, martial arts, morals, historical events and of course, love. The work is the sequel to the novel Eagle Shooting Hero (a.k.a. Legend of the Condor Heroes or LOCH), also by Jin Yong.


Initial Editor: JamesG

Lead Translator: Noodles

Translators: Lanny Lin, Rayon, Hanky Panky, Athena, BeeDreamer, Dugu Seeking a Win, Xuelian, Xiao_Long_Nu, Frans Soetomo, IcyFox and Jin_yong_fan.


With thanks to Athena, Bangs, Da Bao, Han Nguyen, Linh Vu, Huang Yushi, SunnySnow and IcyBlade.

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Who's Who in the Story

With thanks to HanSolo, HHaung and JamesG.

Book 1

Last update: Tuesday 16 May 2006

Featuring Chapters 1 to 10.

Charts the late childhood and early adolescent years of Yang Guo, with details on the origins of the Quanzhen School and the Tomb of the Living Dead.

Book 2

Last update: Friday 16 June 2006

Featuring Chapters 11 to 20.

Yang Guo encounters a series of events that would eventually shape his life as well as the lives of those around him.

Book 3

Last update: Thursday 29 June 2006

Featuring Chapters 21 to 30.

Times of great anxiety, wondrous joy and heart-wrenching pain for Yang Guo and the people around him. Includes the birth of the future founder of the E-mei School, Guo Xiang.

Book 4

Last update: Friday 28 July 2006

Featuring Chapters 31 to 40 (end).

Sixteen years on, the saga of the Gallant Knight and his Divine Eagle draws to a nail-biting close.

Third edition changes

Jin Yong published the third edition of Divine Eagle, Gallant Knight in 2004. Here are the changes.

Third edition's translation excerpts

Selected translation excerpts from Divine Eagle, Gallant Knight 3rd edition.