Book 3

Last update: Monday 30 April 2007

Chapters 21-30.

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Chapter 21 - The Thousand-Pound Rock

They acted together and used the oak tree as the pivot to pull the crisscross shaped formation. The rope became taut and the rock was lifted slowly. The Sun was about to set and the sky was red, illuminating the surface of the water. The tide had already gone out and Ouyang Ke's body was in the mud with his eyes fixed onto the rock. It moved slowly and steadily with a creaking sound, causing him to be anxious yet happy.

Chapter 22 – Wandering on a shark's back

Huang Rong sat steadily on the branch and called out, "Fire away!" Aiming toward the raft, Guo Jing released his grip and Huang Rong's body flew into the sky. She somersaulted twice in the air and plunged into the water.

Chapter 23 – Big Trouble in the Imperial Palace

While they talked they arrived at the Broken Bridge by the West Lake. Because it was summer what they saw was lotus under the bridge. Huang Rong saw a neat little wine shop by the lakeside. "Let's drink a cup of wine and enjoy the lotus," she said. "Very good," Guo Jing agreed.

Chapter 24 – Healing in the Secret Room

Shagu walked over to Liang Ziweng and said, "You hit my nose, I must hit your nose. You hit me once; I must pay you back three times." Her fist went straight to his nose.

Chapter 25 – Desolated Inn in the Village

Huang Yaoshi was silent, thinking about his daughter but hiding his sadness. Lu Guanyin and Cheng Yaojia stole glances at Huang Yaoshi and looked at each other, feeling happy but awkward. Their faces and ears were red.

Chapter 26 - New Allies, Old Arrangements

Huang Yaoshi noticed the sorrowful expression on his daughter's face; obviously her emotions were difficult to deny or to release. He knew her deep love toward Guo Jing, was unchangeable and inseparable. He could not help but heave a long sigh. Huang Rong stood still, teardrops falling slowly.

Chapter 27 – In front of the Xuanyuan Platform

Four young beggars, each with an unsheathed blade were guarding at their sides. Huang Rong turned her body around and was stunned. As it turned out, they were at the top of a small peak. In the moonlight she clearly saw lake water all around them. There was a tall platform a dozen zhang's away. The area around the platform was packed with row after row of hundreds of beggars.