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Wen Rui'an

Last update: Monday 21 August 2006

Translations of selected novels by Wen Rui'an, one of the top five wuxia authors of the 20th century.

Spear of Alarm

Last update: Monday 21 August 2006

book spear of alarm

aka: Jing Yan Yi Qiang [惊艳一枪], Ging Yim Yat Cheung [驚艷一槍], Strike at Heart, A Beautiful Spear.

A pilot translation by Huang Yushi.


Readers' comments:

  • "This novel strikes me as being serious and merciless, as opposed to long drawn out palm fights that end up with no fatalities. Can't wait to read more." - Wellesley, spcnet.tv/forums.
  • "Didn't know that this writer has such an enjoyable style of writing." - Phoenix Chix, hysbht.blogspot.com.
  • "I took a peek; your translation is excellent." - Master Lu, wuxiamania.phorumz.com.
  • "Very interesting and entertaining." - Ricardo Lopez, scribbles@wuxiapedia.