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Last update: Thursday 10 August 2006

This section draws attention to culture in the world of wuxia.

Just as our lives are made richer with the presence of culture, so is the world of wuxia.  Authors draw from the abundant tapestry of folk customs, beliefs, hobbies and cuisines -- just to name a few -- to create the realm that we have come to know and enjoy. 

Chinese Cultural Potpourri

Interesting tid-bits of Chinese culture that may serve as a reference for wuxia readers, sourced primarily from Lee Siow Mong (1995), Spectrum of Chinese Culture (3rd ed.), Pelanduk Publications (Petaling Jaya).

The list includes: the strata of society, traditional marriage rites, divorces, devotions and virtues of a traditional Chinese woman, desired stages that a Confucian man aims for, achievements of a learned gentleman, traditional medicine classification, elements, colours, poisons, musical notation, the famous 36 stratagems and a brief compilation of the Chinese dynasties.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Last update: Thursday 10 August 2006

This section houses a collection of articles on well-known Chinese physicians; medicinal flora, fauna and minerals; medical books as well as theories of traditional Chinese medicine in relation to the world of wuxia.