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Last update: Wednesday 05 July 2006

Historical links between wuxia characters and events and The Real World ® (TM).

Imperial Bloodline of the Duan Family of Dali

The Kings of Dali played important roles in the universe of wuxia author Jin Yong, appearing in the novels Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils [天龙八部], Eagle Shooting Hero [射雕英雄传] and Divine Eagle, Gallant Knight [神雕侠侣]. Who were the historical Kings of Dali, and who were their alter-egos in Jin Yong's works?

Imperial Bloodline of the Murong Family

The Murong Family of DGSD are descendants of the Imperial family of the ancient Yan Empire. The Murong clan originated in Liaodong (north-eastern China) and was the most powerful tribe of the White Xianbei. The ancestor of the White Xianbei was said to "admire (MU) the virtue of the Two Extremities, receive the grace (RONG) of sun, moon and stars", therefore his descendants took Murong as their family name. The Murong Family established several dynasties, they were: Former Yan (337-370), Latter Yan (384-407), Western Yan (384-394) and Southern Yan (398-410).