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Last update: Wednesday 02 June 2010

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Featured novel of the day

Bordertown Wanderer

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006

book bianchenglangzi

aka: Bian Cheng Lang Zi [边城浪子], Bin Seng Long Ji [邊城浪子], Biên Thành Lãng Tử, Bien Thanh Lang Tu, Kisah Pengelana di Kota Perbatasan.

Translated by Justin Lu.

Work-in-progress (about 57%).

Readers' comments:

  • "... Bordertown Wanderer has a better overall pacing. It seems Gu Long put a lot of thought into this particular story, especially considering that he wrote this as a prequel after having already written the other Ye Kai/Fu HongXue stories." - TigerWong, spcnet.tv/forums .
  • "Wow ... this is great! [It] is very 'Gu Long-ish', almost like a mystery/detective story. Seriously hooked, I read 21 chapters in one go. The translation is very polished too." - chowbeng, spcnet.tv/forums.

Latest updates

Eagle Shooting Hero: Chapters 21 to 27

In line with our previous treatment of Chapters 9 to 20 of Eagle-Shooting Hero, we are releasing Chapters 21 to 27 "as-is", pending a full review by our senior staff. Enjoy!

Addendum: Many thanks to the reader who notified us of the truncated text in Chapters 22 and 23. This has been fixed.

OTG Chapter 10 is here!

At the end of Chapter 9, Shi Potian found himself stuck on an island in the middle of the Long River, with nothing much except persimmons to eat, a cranky old woman to endure, a pretty young girl to look after and a bunch of Dings to hide from.

Get the first part of Chapter 10 now! :-D

HSDS Chapter 13: Part 1

Work on the long-awaited Chapter 13 of The Heavenly Sword and the Dragon-Slaying Sabre has finally begun. The first part, sub-titled The Old Woman of the Golden Flower, is now available. Enjoy it today! :-D

Finished: OTG Chapter 9

Finally! :-D The Big Rice Dumpling finds himself in a new place, with new troubles! Read all about it today in Chapter 9 of Ode to Gallantry.

Be a Xia this Christmas!

It's that bloody retail season again, and if you're like me, you most likely have had these problems for years:

  • Too lazy to go Christmas shopping for gifts that nobody cares about.
  • Too poor to do the above.
  • Leave it until too late and then feel embarrassed about showing up with "75% off special BUY IT NOW" gifts accompanied by 2-dollar-shop cards.
  • Break your fingers carrying those gift bags.
  • Dread that other people's gifts might be better than yours.
  • Don't know what those bastards / biatches really want because they are already too fat and have everything.
  • Spend it all on yourself and are now broke.
  • Whinge about it to friends/colleagues, or on Internet forums.
  • Read or hear about way too many people with those same problems.

Well, fear no more, I have a solution for you. For only $49.95, you can buy my "Cultural Learnings of Christmas For Make Benefit Glorious Ego of Myself" handbook which will solve all of your beef with this so-called holiday!
Or, you can try this, which is what I'm doing this year:
For Australians: http://www.oxfamunwrapped.com.au
The idea is that you buy from a range of their gifts for poor people around the world, ranging from books for kids, goats for farmers, to bigger ones like an entire school for a village, then Oxfam will send your friends/family members/etc. a card on behalf of you and the true recipients, with your custom message. The Glorious Benefits of this are:

  • You're really buying gifts for people who actually need and appreciate them, instead of those who give you diplomatic thanks then toss it in the bin afterwards.
  • It makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
  • It gets you good karma.
  • It gives you enough credibility to give a lecture on the true nature of the Force... I mean the true spirit of Christmas (something about stealing a holiday from the pagans way back, plus a few other feel-good stuff that I forgot).
  • It takes minutes to do, instead of hours and hours at shopping centres, where you might get run over by morbidly obese bogans.
  • Oxfam can even send an electronic card to the recipient (not the poor one, the rich fat one) if you choose that option, so that you can save some poor trees.
  • It's tax deductible.

So, guys, gals and hermaphrodites, Be A Xia this Christmas and help those in need!
Linh, on behalf of the Wuxiapedia crew

Maintenance completed, upgrades delayed

Dear readers,

Wuxiapedia has been down in the last few days for maintenance and upgrades. The maintenance has been completed successfully but due to some unexpected circumstances, the upgrades will be delayed for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that and we hope you continue to enjoy wasting your employer's time or study time reading our site. :-)


Site upgrades Nov 25-26

Dear readers,

Wuxiapedia will be down next weekend (Nov 25-26) for the beginning of a series of long overdue repairs and upgrades. Sorry for any inconvenience and enjoy your weekends.


Talk about ... DGSD!

Introducing ... our new interactive area on DGSD at Juxian Lou 聚贤楼, the Place Where the Worthy Gather , and offer your views and opinions of a variety of related topics. Topics that have generated sufficient information and analysis will be turned into full-fledged articles on the main Wuxiapedia website, so drop by today and have your say!

DGSD Book 1: Annotation and Summarisation Complete

The annotation and summarisation of Book 1 of Demi-Gods Semi-Devils is finally finished, and work on Book 2 has begun! Get detailed information on the Phenomenal Swords of the Six Channels in Martial Arts and Jiumozhi's pugilistic prowess in Martial Arts Comparisons, as Wuxiapedia celebrates the ingenuity of Jin Yong in writing this epic novel.

For fans of Xiao Feng (a.k.a Qiao Feng), watch out for his appearance in 3 to 5 weeks, when the annotation reaches Chapter 14! :-D

Completed: Facts and Figures for Chapter 8, DGSD

Positive feedback and support for the Facts and Figures of Demi-Gods Semi-Devils have been overwhelming, with almost 100% of our readers giving a thumbs-up for this fully-annotated and referenced compilation from the 2nd and 3rd editions of the novel text.

If you haven't checked it out yet, here's what some of our readers wrote recently:

  • I've been looking forward to something like this! - Tian Xia Wu Di, wuxiamania.phorumz.com
  • Definitely a useful site and a clever idea. Adds more to [my] knowledge. Great for newbies, and useful for referencing. - Maz, wuxiamania.phorumz.com

Now working on Chapter 9 and beyond, we look forward to hearing from you soon! :-D

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