The Emperor Baoding and the Stranger in Black

How should Duan Yanqing be ranked against the Emperor Baoding?

The Facts

In Chapter 8 of DGSD, the Emperor Baoding (Duan Zhengchun) admitted that Duan Yanqing (the First Evil a.k.a. the Stranger in Black) had better overall martial arts skills than he. Later, the Dali Minister of War Fan Hua mentioned that Duan Yanqing was 'half a level' better than Baoding. In addition, Duan Yanqing had a more profound level of energy that was based on the Single Finger of Positivity (Yi Yang Zhi 一阳指) than Baoding.

However, Duan Yanqing also admitted that he would lose out in an actual fight with Baoding because of the various disabilities in his body and limbs. In addition, he felt that there was a possibility of being defeated by Baoding after several hundred moves, but that Baoding would find it very difficult to have him killed.

Therefore, should Duan Yanqing be ranked higher than the Emperor Baoding on the basis of potential ability (e.g. 'half-a-level better' and 'more profound level of energy'), instead of lower because of potential inability (e.g. 'would lose out in actual fight' and 'possibility of being defeated')?

The Question

How should Duan Yanqing be ranked against the Emperor Baoding?

A. Higher, on the basis of potential ability.
B. Lower, on the basis of potential inability.
C. On par, because ability and inability cross each other out.

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DYQ admitted himself that, because of his handicap, he would lose in a fight. However, both internally and externally, he was more powerful.

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