Third edition changes

Jin Yong published the 3rd edition of Young Flying Fox in 2004. Here are the changes.

* Personal note: I think that the third edition of the Young Flying Fox is just marvellous. There are no plot changes or anything, but somehow the little changes Jin Yong brought on made the novel.... perfect.

- Feng Tiannan is killed by Hu Fei during the world's martial arts gathering. Feng Tiannan was trying to sneak away during the confusion, Yuan Ziyi quickly told Hu Fei to kill him before he could escape.

- There is a short battle between Tang Pei and Hu Fei during the world martial arts gathering.

- Yuan Ziyi is not so detestable anymore.

- Tian Guinong gets extra humiliated during the martial arts gathering.

And again some dialogues are altered to make the book more fluent.