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Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006

book fengyundiyidao

aka: Feng Yun Di Yi Dao [风云第一刀], Fung Wan Dai Yat Dou [風雲第一刀], Duo Qing Jian Ke Wu Qing Jian [多情剑客无情剑], Do Ching Gim Haak Mou Ching Gim [多情劍客無情劍], Da Tình Kiếm Khách Vo Tình Kiếm, Da Tinh Kiem Khach Vo Tinh Kiem, Pendekar Budiman, Little Li's Flying Dagger, Xiao Li Fei Dao [小李飞刀], Siu Lei Fei Do [小李飛刀], Tieu Lý Phi Ðao, Tieu Ly Phi Dao, Phong Van De Nhat Dao.

Translated by Meh and Bliss (Justin Lu).

Translation complete.

Text unedited.


Written in 1970, this 89-chapter novel was originally called Fengyun Diyi Dao 风云第一刀, or The First Dagger of the Wind and the Cloud. It can be divided roughly into two parts, i.e. Fengyun Diyi Dao (The First Dagger of the Wind and the Cloud) and Tiedan Daxiahun 铁丹大侠魂 (The Iron-Galled Spirit of the Great Hero). It is widely considered as one of Gu Long's best works.


The first part of Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword focuses on Lin Xian'er and her efforts to cause unrest in the martial arts circle with the name of a retired but infamous thief, the Plum Flower Bandit. Why?

The second part of the novel looks at the schemes of Shangguan Jinhong in gaining dominance in the martial arts circle. Why?

Within these settings are characters that seem to be created just to counter each other, such as Li Xunhuan against Shangguan Jinhong, Jing Wuming against A-Fei and Lin Shiyin against Lin Xian'er. Why?

The only way to find out is to read on!

Book 1

Last update: Tuesday 19 July 2005

Chapters 1-25.

Book 2

Last update: Sunday 24 July 2005

Chapters 26-50.

Book 3

Last update: Tuesday 26 July 2005

Chapters 51-75.

Book 4

Last update: Friday 29 July 2005

Chapters 76-89 (end).