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Jin Yong

Last update: Monday 30 April 2007

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Translations of wuxia novels by the author Jin Yong, or Louis Cha, including:

  • The "Condor Hero" Trilogy, featuring the Legend and Return of the Condor Heroes, as well as the Heavenly Sword and the Dragon-Slaying Sabre.
  • Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils
  • The Smiling Proud Wanderer

The novels are listed according to the chronology of events that occur in them, beginning from the "Sword of the Yueh Maiden" during the Spring and Autumn Period, all the way through to "The Linked Cities" at the close of the Qing Dynasty.

Reading the novels from the top to the bottom of the list below is arguably the best and most frequently recommended way of enjoying them!

Sword of the Yueh Maiden

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006

aka: Yue Nü Jian [越女剑], Yut Neui Gim [越女劍], Việt Nữ Kiếm, Viet Nu Kiem, Pedang Puteri Yue.

Translation complete.

Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils

Last update: Saturday 11 November 2006


aka: DGSD, Tian Long Ba Bu [天龙八部], Tin Lung Baat Bou [天龍八部], Thiên Long Bát Bộ, Thien Long Bat Bo, Pendekar-Pendekar Dari Negeri Tayli, Eight Units of Heaven and Dragon, Heaven Dragon: The Eighth Episode.

Translated by Moinllieon (Work-in-progress) .
Now with Chapter Summaries by Huang Yushi.

Updated *weekly* with Facts and Figures!

A Reader's Comment:

  • "[Reading] the novel (at least, the translations, for me) is so much better than watching the TV adaptations!" - 5haDow NemisiS, spcnet.tv/forums.

Eagle Shooting Hero

Last update: Monday 30 April 2007


aka: She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan [射雕英雄传], Se Diu Ying Hung Chyun [射雕英雄傳], Xạ Ðiêu Anh Hùng Truyện, Xa Dieu Anh Hung Truyen, Legenda Pendekar Rajawali, Legend of the Condor Heroes (LOCH).

First translated by Moinllieon.

Subsequent chapters are credited to the individual translators and/or teams.

Work-in-progress (50%).

Initial editing done by the respective translation teams.
Review by Wuxiapedia pending. See related News item.

Divine Eagle, Gallant Knight

Last update: Friday 25 August 2006


aka: Shen Diao Xia Lu [神雕侠侣], San Diu Haap Leui [神雕俠侶], Thần Ðiêu Hiệp Lu, Kembalinya Sang Pendekar Rajawali, Return of the Condor Heroes (ROCH)

First translated by Noodles.

Translation complete.

Initial editing done by the respective translation teams.
Final review by Wuxiapedia pending.

Heavenly Sword, Dragon Slaying Sabre

Last update: Wednesday 21 February 2007


aka: Yi Tian Tu Long Ji [倚天屠龙记], Yi Tin Tou Lung Gei [倚天屠龍記], Ỷ Thiên Đồ Long Ký, Y Thien Do Long Ky, Kisah Membunuh Naga, Pedang Langit Dan Golok Naga, Tian Jian Long Dao [天剑龙刀], Tin Gim Lung Dou [天劍龍刀], The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre (HSDS).

First translated by Athena and Meh.

With contributions from guest translators.

Work-in-progress (about 30%).

Smiling Proud Wanderer

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006


aka: SPW, Xiao Ao Jiang Hu [笑傲江湖], Siu Ngou Gong Wu [笑傲江湖], Tiếu Ngạo Giang Hồ, Tieu Ngao Giang Ho, Hina Kelana, State of Divinity (SOD).

Translated by Lanny Lin.

Work-in-progress (about 53%).

Ode to Gallantry

Last update: Monday 05 March 2007


aka: OTG, Xia Ke Xing [侠客行], Hap Haak Haang [俠客行], Hiệp Khách Hành, Hiep Khach Hanh, Medali Wasiat, Kisah Para Pendekar.

Translated by Huang Yushi.

With Chapter 1 by Ian Liew and Laviathan.

Work-in-progress (approx 43%).

Readers' Comments:

  • I personally rate Xia Ke Xing as the most delightful of JY's novels ... just warms the heart. - Ian Liew, spcnet.tv/forums.
  • This is a marvellous book, the descriptions are so lovely and easy to imagine. And of course [Yushi's] translation really does it justice. I also love the footnotes. - Eliza Bennet, spcnet.tv/forums.
  • I really appreciate the obvious hard work you [have placed] into the translation, providing the readers with some background information and pictures... It really helps since I've had little exposure to complementary/oriental medicine and Chinese history. - patricia n, spcnet.tv/forums.
  • I would like to compliment you very highly on the fantastic translation of Xia Ke Xing!!! The language is very good ... and the quality is extremely high ... much better than some of the other translations out there!!! - se-lang, wuxiamania.phorumz.com (via PM).

Sword Stained With Royal Blood

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006


aka: Bi Xue Jian [碧血剑], Bik Hyut Gim [碧血劍], Bích Huyết Kiếm, Bich Huyet Kiem, Pedang Ular Emas, Crimson Sabre.

The Deer and The Cauldron

Last update: Friday 16 June 2006

aka: Lu Ding Ji [鹿鼎记], Luk Ding Gei [鹿鼎記], Lộc Ðỉnh Ký, Kaki Tiga Menjangan, Duke of Mount Deer (DOMD).

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Book and Sword

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006

aka: Shu Jian En Chou Lu [书剑恩仇录], Syu Gim Yan Sau Luk [書劍恩仇録], Thư Kiếm Ân Cừu Lục, Thu Kiem An Cuu Luc, Pedang dan Kitab Suci.

Written in 1955, this was Jin Yong's first wuxia novel.

Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain

Last update: Sunday 30 July 2006


aka: Xue Shan Fei Hu [雪山飞狐], Syut Saan Fei Wu [雪山飛狐], Tuyết Sơn Phi Hồ, Tuyet Son Phi Ho, Rase Terbang Dari Pergunungan Salju.

Translated by Huang Yushi.

Work-in-progress (5%).

A Reader's Comment:

  • I am a voracious reader and enjoy well-written literature. I bought Olivia Mok's translation recently and compared it against yours just out of curiosity. Your translation is certainly superior. I was able to understand and really enjoy the story far better in your translation. I liked the way you have retained the Chinese names and units too. - Htet Htet Aung, USA.

Other Tales of the Flying Fox

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006


aka: Fei Hu Wai Zhuan [飞狐外传], Fei Wu Ngoi Chyun [飛狐外傳], Phi Hồ Ngoại Truyện, Phi Ho Ngoai Truyen, Si Rase Terbang, Young Flying Fox.

The Lovers' Sabres

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006

aka: Yuan Yang Dao [鸳鸯刀], Yun Yeung Dou [鴛鴦刀], Uyên Ương Ðao, Uyen Uong Dao, Sepasang Golok Mustika, Blade-Dance of the Lovers.

Translated by Huang Yushi.

White Horse in the West Wind

Last update: Saturday 17 June 2006


aka: Bai Ma Xiao Xi Feng [白马啸西风], Baak Ma Siu Sai Fung [白馬嘯西風], Bạch Mã Khiếu Tây Phong, Bach Ma Khieu Tay Phong, Kuda Putih Menghimbau Angin Barat, White Horse Neighing in the West Wind.

Translated by Junzi.

Work-in-progress (about 80%).

A Reader's Comment:

  • "Wow... I just found this translation and read all of what there is so far and... it's great. Before this, I wasn't even aware that Jin Yong wrote such a story as this, teehee. Thank you, Junzi, for such an excellent translation!" - Aristyar, spcnet.tv/forums.

Linked Cities

Last update: Monday 18 September 2006


aka: Lian Cheng Jue [连城诀], Lin Seng Kyut [連城訣], Liên Thành Quyết, Lien Thanh Quyet, Pedang Hati Suci, Su Xin Jian [素心剑], Sou Sam Gim [素心劍], Secret of the Linked Cities, A Deadly Secret.

Story synopsis available.