Book 4

Last update: Thursday 01 January 1970

Chapters 31-40

Chapter 31: Embroidering

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Dongfang Unbeatable threw himself by the side of Yang Lianting. He picked him up and put him on the bed gently. Taking off his shoes and socks, then pulling the blanket over him, he behaved like a wife taking care of her husband.

Chapter 32: Merger

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The peak of Mount Songshan stood alone in the middle, thrusting towards the sky and looking down upon thousands of other peaks. With few clouds in the sky, sunshine shined through the pure and fresh air. Cheng-Gao and Yumen stood to the north; the Yellow River looked like a thin line; the city wall of Luo Yang could be vaguely seen to the west; range upon range of mountains were to the east and south.

Chapter 33: Sword Fight

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"Ring," the two sword tips hit each other in mid-air. Sparks flew in all direction, and the two swords both bent into arches. The two both pushed out with their left hands, and then jumped back when the two hands met.

Chapter 34: Champion

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Zuo Lengchan slowly raised his sword and pointed the sword at Yue Buqun's chest. Yu Buqun crossed his arms in sleeves behind his back and gazed at the sword tip without a blink. Zuo Lengchan's right sleeve started filling up just like a sail starting to gain wind.

Chapter 35: Revenge

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Moonlight poured on the wide and straight road like a stream. Light fog and mist shrouded the trees by the road. Sweet smell from wild flowers was heavy for a moment and then light for the next. Small breeze stroked people's face. Linghu Chong hadn't had any wine for a long time, but now he felt a bit tipsy like he just had some.

Chapter 36: Grief

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Several small shoot had already grown out from Yue Lingshan's grave. Linghu Chong thought, "There are shoots already at little apprentice sister's grave now. How is she inside the grave?" Suddenly, sound of bamboo flute came from behind his back.

Chapter 37: Forcing Marriage

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The two figures in the reflection looked exactly the same, both had baggy lady's robes, even the hair bun were no different. It was an exact copy of him. Linghu Chong was so frightened that his heart almost stopped beating.

Chapter 38: Annihilation

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Even though Zuo Lengchan was blind, he still had a quick reaction and jumped back rapidly while swearing streams of abuses. Yingying bent down and picked up a long sword.

Chapter 39: No Treaty

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The earthshaking chanting of "Thousands of years, rule the Martial World" went on and on by cult members kneeling down. Sunshine covered Ren Woxing's face and his entire body. The majestic looking Chief of the Sun-Moon Cult looked like a god.

Chapter 40: Harmony

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The slipcover for the chair was embroidered with nine golden dragons surrounding a rising son from the ocean. On the edges, it was studded with many pearls, diamonds, and gems.