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Last update: Thursday 10 August 2006

Wuxia related research papers

Martial Arts

Last update: Tuesday 19 July 2005

Wuxia martial arts and philosophies explained. 


Last update: Wednesday 05 July 2006

Historical links between wuxia characters and events and The Real World ® (TM).

The Arts

Last update: Tuesday 21 June 2005

This section highlights the presence and purpose of the scholarly arts in wuxia.


Last update: Thursday 10 August 2006

This section draws attention to culture in the world of wuxia.


Last update: Saturday 09 July 2005

Religious teachings have a significant place in the wuxia world; understanding of which is recommended to explore this genre.


Last update: Sunday 15 January 2006

Martial art schools, sects, clans, cults...


Last update: Friday 10 March 2006

Topics that don't fit in the above categories.