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Last update: Saturday 09 July 2005

Religious teachings have a significant place in the wuxia world; understanding of which is recommended to explore this genre.

Jin Yong's Ming Cult: a historical verification

The Ming Cult is a long-forgotten religion which had ceased to exist for centuries. In the past, it only drew the attention of a small number of scholars like archaeologists and historians. In the 1970's, wuxia novelist Louis Cha (Jin Yong) used this sect as a topic in his novel "Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber". Since then, the once obscure Ming Cult has become the center of attention of millions of readers. Jin Yong definitely did research on the historical Ming Cult for his novel, studying books on the subject including the history of certain secret religious movements which had connections with the Ming Cult. The Ming Cult followers and their activities in the novel, therefore, do match with historical facts. But fiction remains fiction, a wuxia novel is not a history book? Jin Yong's Ming Cult is therefore somewhat different from the historical Ming Cult.